Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 8 Niagara Falls

Um... an amusement/water park that has free parking and is only $55 for all four of us with a coupon???  Yes, PLEASE!  What a great way to spend our last day here!  Tomorrow we head out.  We are going to take two days going back and are stopping in Cleveland, OH for a little sightseeing along the way. :)

This was one of those rides that goes up and then drops, up and drop, etc.  Liam's face on the first drop was PRICELESS.  And Olivia could not stop laughing!  Luckily it didn't end in tears and yelling on his part, but rather since Olivia (and mom too, I'll admit it!) was laughing so much, he decided he'd laugh and enjoy the rest of the ride too... and he did. :)

Then there's Olivia.  She is such a DAREDEVIL.  She used to judge how tall she'd grown based on how tall she needed to be to ride the BIG coasters.  The year she hit 54 inches was IT for her!  She will ride ANYTHING.  So, she did!  She rode this...

And this...

And her favorite of today... The Mind Warp, which she rode TWICE.  Would have been more if I would've let her!

We all had fun on the bumper cars!

And I was thrilled to see an old time Tilt A Whirl... one of my favorites!  We all went in the same car and it was my favorite time of the day!

Braeden is not much of a rider AT ALL,  he often won't even ride the kiddie type rides, but he came on this.  And I was SO proud of him!  Because once that thing hit the first knock-the-wind-out-of-you spin, he started to get mad.  I could just see it coming.  He has a very hard time processing emotion and I could tell he wasn't happy that this was spinning much faster than he anticipated.  Most of the time his emotion - be it embarrassment, etc, comes out as intense anger. BUT, instead he shifted it himself.  He CHOSE to smile.  He CHOSE to laugh.  And he gut wrenchingly laughed and laughed.  We all did.  (Mind you shortly later he turned a shade of green and I prayed he could keep his food down, but he did.)  I was just so proud.

Only three of us rode this big beauty, can you guess which three it was???

Yep, these two lovelies and myself.  And I was trying NOT to look down too much! :)

Old Fashioned Cars... license to drive... :)

Not sure WHAT I was thinking sending these two off alone in a CANOE!?  But they made it around and then went again!

And who wouldn't LOVE a GIANT pixie stick chock full of sugar to end the day?!?  (And mom loved the 99 cent price tag!)

We had a lot of fun at the water park as well.  But since I was busy hanging with four cuties and getting wet, no pictures were taken there. :(  Very proud of Braeden once again there though as he went on a big water slide.  It was one you ride face first on a mat and race to go down.  All four of us went and half way up I thought... this looks a LOT higher than it seemed a minute ago from the ground.  Sure enough Braeden almost went back down.  But he said, "Think happy thoughts."  And he did it.  (He says he hates both of those rides and won't go again... but he DID IT!  And did it willingly and cheerfully!)



:)De said...

I was born in Cleveland, OH. Wave hi to my peeps! ~Smile~

maureen said...

What a fun day! So glad you had a great vacation. Have a safe trip home.

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