Sunday, April 06, 2014

Another Year

Birthdays mean another year has passed.  The child/person is 365 days older than the last time you said Happy Birthday and celebrated their special day.  In adoption, the birthday of a child who is "yours" in mind and love and somewhat on paper, can also mean another year without them.  Another year where they are growing up without a family.  As good as an orphanage can be, and I know Macy is in a good one and is very well cared for, it still cannot replace the love of a family.  And Macy was another year older yesterday.  We first received her referral and pictures and information in January 2013.  She turned three that April.  She turned four yesterday.  Time passing is hard when that person is not with you.  Harder still when you know that you have known of this little person for over 1/4 of their life and it's being lived without you.

But we celebrate her.  We celebrate the life she has led.  The life she will lead.  And we await the day we can share this with her, show her the pictures of the parties we held in her honor.  And throw her her own very first ever birthday party once she's home!

 Happy Birthday Macy!!!  We were glad to celebrate early with you while in Haiti!!!

Dress handmade by my friends at The Crazy Kukla Boutique!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Missing Haiti

We arrived back home late Saturday night.  Had to drive Grandma back to the airport Sunday and was back at work/school yesterday.  It's been a whirlwind. 

While I am glad to be reunited with the boys, I am missing being in Haiti and with Macy like crazy.

Here's a video "walk" down our journey...

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bits of Haiti

Things I notice that I will surely miss...

Everyone saying BonJou or BonSwa to one another.

No fashion worries.

The melody of not the ice cream man, but the water man as the truck drives around the neighborhood.

People singing in the night.

Wearing sandals.

The wonderful smells of food lovingly prepared over TIME.

The taste of new and delicious foods.

Freshly squeezed juices at every meal.

People.  People out and about everywhere.

How plates are scraped clean of food at a meal, not one crumb left so as not to show others who have none that we are wasteful.

Beautiful mountains in the background.

Bougainvillea everywhere, even among the barbed wire fence tops.

Car horns used as a message instead of in anger.

Sounds.  Lots and lots of sounds from dogs to roosters to cars and trucks and people.  

My daughter.

The Beach

Prior to coming to Haiti I of course "liked" both our orphanage's face*book page as well as the orphanage next door which is a special needs orphanage.  They are all under the same organization and I love to see the wonderful things they do with the kids.

The special needs orphanage was particularly fascinating to me, being a special ed teacher.  I have been amazed how much they seem to do for each of the kids in such a developing country.  Two get around beautifully with power chairs, but no one is in country who will/can fix them so they get one and use it til it breaks and move on to another.  Many times different Occupational and Physical therapists come to help with the kids and show staff how to work with each of them.  And I love seeing pictures of taking these kids to the beach when a visiting team is in country!

I thought about donations for the orphanage before I left and decided it would be great to bring a whole plethora of new or slightly used swimsuits for the kids to enjoy!  I found some at home and some at local shops and also put the word out to friends/family.  All in all I ended up bringing 27 suits!  The woman who runs this home was so pleased when I told her what I had and said that the next Wednesday they were actually headed to the beach with an incoming team, then inviting Olivia and I to accompany them!  After passing out suits she shared how excited the kids were to see them which was such a blessing to hear!

Well yesterday was the day... beach day!  We had a few hiccups starting out (the rented school bus broke down almost right away) but God was there and it happened in a familiar part of town and the replacement bus was even nicer!  The drive was long, but the weather was perfect, the scenery gorgeous, and it was so fun to see the kids (most of the kids) excited to be in the water! :)

We were so blessed that they allowed Macy to go with us!

Olivia LOVES all of the dogs we see all over Haiti!
This one may have been smuggled in her suitcase if I wasn't watching closely!

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