Monday, June 04, 2012

31 Days of Pinterest: Day One: Chore Chart

Today starts day one of a featurette I'm going to be doing.

 From June 4- July 4 I'm going to feature and try one idea from Pinterest each day. So many things I'm wanting to do, and with summertime now upon us I finally have time to try some, so I figured this was a great way to work on them.

Today's is our summer chore chart. Also titled... Things I Can Do to Help My Family!

Chores are written on these great tags found at St*aples in the new Martha Stewart line.  I put magnet on back to hold them to our large magnetic board in our mudroom.  They choose one chore, hang it on their hook, and then complete it.  On Saturdays I check the jobs done.  They are required to do 6 each week, plus something I'll show you tomorrow, in order to earn $5 per week of summer snack money.  IF they complete all that, they can do addt'l jobs at $.50 each up to an addt'l $5 (though I don't think that'll happen!!!)

This should mean no more of mom buying snacks at the zoo, amusement parks, etc.  It'll be their choice to earn and spend that extra money!

Original chore system found HERE.


Chantelle said...

Love this idea! Great job!

Barb said...

I am hoping to try some ideas this summer today instead of just pinning them! Today our plan is to blow up soap in the microwave :)! will be fun seeing what you guys do!

rosedel said...

How often do you give them the actual cash? My daughter always obsessed until she had the money and then when it came time to spend it... she couldn't find it.

Lisa said...

Hi rosedel... This is a first for us so we'll see how it goes. Right now Olivia and Braeden get a small allowance when I get paid, twice a month. Olivia's good about keeping hers in her purse and Braeden has a wallet that he keeps at 'his place' on the extra counter in the kitchen. They haven't lost money luckily. I always keep Liams though because he would, so it stays in my purse. I'll probably give them the money on Saturdays when I check their chores and journals.

maureen said...

Lisa, I think this is a great idea! I can not read the little tags, what kinds of chores do you have on them? Do they still have additional chores that they have to do and these are all extra?

Thanks for the great inspiration!

Lisa said...

Hi Maureen! The kids do have everyday things they do around the house, though minimal, such as picking up their rooms, putting toys away when done, brushing teeth, etc. These are extra, and all are pretty quick and easy, most between five and fifteen minutes. They are things like brushing the dog, working with Liam on academics or gross motor, picking sticks up, cleaning the toilet, etc. Things that definitely help around the house. They get allowance to buy things they may like twice a week, for nothing. They get dollars for the years they are old and mom doesn't buy them things at stores, etc, it's up to them to have money for it.

Fatcat said...

I just read 25 days backwards of the pinterest posts! Fun!

Thanks for doing it. I look forward to the next few days.

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