Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What a Sight

When what to my wondering eyes should appear..

This morning I looked out my front window, in the middle of the city mind you, to see a TURKEY walking down the road, feathers ablaze. It was so funny! A little while later when the kids were up, here he comes again. Braeden said that he was probably leaving the farm and said, "But where's his suitcase?" LOL!
Sunday, April 27, 2008

TV Time

Have any of you seen the Disney show Bunnytown? The kids rarely watch tv (not movies, but tv itself) and if we do it's usually watching some of the Disney shows on Saturday mornings like Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse, etc. Yesterday we saw this show Bunnytown and it was pretty cute. Today we watched a little more tv as I was doing Olivia's hair and it was on again.

I don't think that it was a regular character, but on the show we watched today I was about rolling on the floor. And if Braeden wasn't Braeden I probably wouldn't have been. This year of being at day care and riding the bus with the "big boys" as he puts it, to preschool has been interesting. He knows the names of the transformers, even though we've never seen this or have any of the toys, and he says the word "underwear" constantly!!! I mean constantly, that is his joke. He thinks it is absolutely hilarious and will fit it in any conversation or song to "be funny."

So on Bunnytown today, there was this blue bunny and every so often the bunnies would start telling a joke or singing a song, and the blue bunny would pop out and say, "Underwear!" and just laugh and laugh. Braeden was mesmerized, here is a bunny doing exactly what I do! It was too much!

So this is what I heard the rest of the morning...

Craft Night

We worked on crafts tonight! Woo Hoo! Well, it was a cheesy, easy craft. :) But, they had fun and that's what counts! I had these at school for my class and was impressed with how easy they were and how much the kids enjoyed it. I have been extremely neglectful at doing many crafts with the kids and really need to work on this more, especially during the summers. We attempted gingerbread houses at Christmastime, and even though it didn't really work, they had fun using frosting and candies to decorate big gingerbread cookies! :)
You just gotta love the peel and stick foam things! :) I have some "big" ideas for crafts to come. I'm going to try to do at least one every month, but am hoping to do two or three a month??? We'll see... So here's our first attempt at a real craft time... :)

Check out Big Lots for some great deals!

We are SO excited to do crafts at home!!!

I'm deep in concentration...

And for the final touch, a little bling glued on top!
We will be sending these to some special family members for mother's day... But I figure they'll still be happy to get them even after seeing it on the blog! :)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Birthday Party

Today we went to Braeden's bio brother "J" and sister's "L" house for his brother's bday party. J is 7!!! I just can't believe it! He was 21 months old when my friend got him as a foster son, and L was only 2 months, she's 5 now! And exactly 12 months later Braeden was born. She's still in the process of adopting them. We had so much fun!!!

(Pictures were posted but taken down for privacy concerns.)


I received two very surprising and nice "awards" today from Kathy. They are located at the bottom of my right side column. Thank you so much for taking time to look at my blog and respond in such a nice way. Thanks!!!
Friday, April 25, 2008

God at Work

I simply LOVE listening to Olivia and her outlooks on life and things in relation to God. She amazes me sometimes. We often listen to our local Christian music station, when we aren't listening to the Doodlebops or Wiggles or High School Musical!, and she is constantly asking about the meanings in a lot of the songs. (Yes, I admit it CAN get a bit annoying, but not too bad.) She is extremely literal. Extremely. So a lot of the songs which use abstract ideas she has a hard time with. But, for the most part, she does a great job with understanding God and His role in her life. It is a wonderful thing to witness.

Yesterday in the car this is what she shared, "Mom, you know, I don't like my HIV or seizures or that my leg shakes sometimes. But, there might be people in this world who have HIV and seizures and leg shakes AND maybe they can't hear or talk."

Basically, she knows she was dealt some things which aren't "fair" or "good" BUT, she is also understanding that there are most likely other people in this world who have it worse. And we need to be grateful for what we do have. I certainly know that that is a hard concept for me to always remember. Olivia is "getting it." Thanks to her for the reminder to be thankful...
Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gas "Cheats"

Well as the price of gas is just out of control, and as I am headed for two long car trips this summer, I have been looking things up. This is what I've found to try to help get the most out of your gas costs...

Fill up in the mornings. Underground gas tanks are cooler and you will get less vapor and more actual gas going into your tank.

Do not fill up if a truck is dumping gas into the underground tanks. The dirt will be stirred up and you will not get the best gas.

Fill up on the slowest setting. Most nozzles have 2-3 settings for automatically filling your tank. Filling it more slowly will result in less vapor and more actual gas going into you tank.

Hey, I figure it can't cost more for gas to try these things, and if there is ANY stock in them, I'll take even a couple cents per gallon saved at this point!!! :)
Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More on King Solomon

So tonight I asked Braeden, "What was it that King Solomon said?"

B, "He went to McDonalds."

Me, "Why did he say that?"

B, "Cause he was being funny."

Me, "Was this at church?"

B, "He had on an orange shirt."

Me, "Was King Solomon at church?"

B, "Yes"

Me, "Was it a story or was he a real person?"

B, "A real person mom!"

OK, so they must have done a skit/sketch at church Sunday and "modernized" King Solomon by having him talk about McDonalds. Too too too funny!!! Wish I could have seen it so I would have a clue as to what he was talking about! :) Silly Braeden!

* Please Take Time to Read! *

The following is a post used with permission from http://fullhousehandshearts.typepad.com/

Please take a minute and read this, it mirrors my thoughts in an extremely well spoken way. Please help to pass on this important information!!!

Tell two
Today I have heard from several different parents of HIV+ children who are facing negative reactions to their adoptions based on the stigma and ignorance surrounding HIV. It is extremely frustrating to me that in 2008 there is still so much unfounded fear caused by a lack of education, that results in nasty, ugly and mean treatment of people who are HIV+ and their families.

The reason people in the U.S. are not educated about HIV is that most people don't care, because most people in this country are not affected by it. People still see it as the problem of homosexuals, drug users and people in Africa. The reality is, HIV/AIDS is everyone's problem. It is a devastating problem in Africa and many countries, but there are many, many Americans living with this disease as well. In fact, new cases of HIV in the U.S. are now being seen in the largest numbers in heterosexual women. HIV/AIDS is a HUMAN problem.

Living with this nasty disease is hard enough, but compounding that with the misguided fear and judgment of society is beyond tragic, and as the mom of two HIV+ children, it is sad and frustrating.

So, if you are one of the many who check in to this blog every day, I am asking you to do me a favor. I want you to tell at least two people about HIV. Spread the word that...

- HIV can NOT be spread through causal/household contact. HIV is not spread through hugging, kissing, shaking hands, sharing toys, sneezing, coughing, sharing food, sharing drinks, bathing, swimming or any other causal way. It has been proven that HIV and AIDS can only be spread through sexual contact, birth, breastfeeding and blood to blood contact (such as sharing needles).

- HIV is now considered a chronic but manageable disease. With treatment, people who are HIV+ can live indefinitely without developing AIDS and can live long and full lives.

- People who are HIV+ deserve to be treated with love, respect, support and acceptance as all people do.

If anyone wants more info on transmission, there is great info on the Center for Disease Control website at http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/resources/factsheets/transmission.htm

Help me spread the truth about HIV, and take a tiny stab at the stigma against HIV. Tell your friend when you talk on the phone. Tell your spouse. Tell your parents. Post it on your blog and ask other people to tell their readers. Ask them to pass it on as well. I would love to see this spread beyond the adoption blogs.

Even if you have no real interest in HIV/AIDS, even if you are not involved in adoption, even if you don't think you know anyone who is HIV+... education and knowledge are always a good thing. It is so easy to say to someone, "hey, guess what I learned today?" and it is even easier to put it on a blog or in an email.

Do it for me. Do it for the other adoptive families and the HIV+ orphans that are waiting for homes. Do it for Belane and Solomon. Do it for all of the other people on this planet living with HIV. If everyone that reads this blog tells at least two people, that is a whole bunch of people we can reach and a little bit of difference we can make.

Olivia Update

At Olivia's last doctor appointment we again discussed her white blood count. In case you don't remember, her white count had been steadily dropping, a sometime side effect from the med she was switched to over a year ago. They had been ready to switch her to another, but before doing that they had to do a blood test to make sure she was not allergic as there is a small percentage of the population that has a severe allergy.

In the meantime, her white blood count rose to even higher than what it had started at. Probably coincidence, especially as I am by no means knowledgeable on medical issues at all, BUT as her white blood count went down, that is when her seizures issues began first with her legs and then with the fullblown seizures. As soon as she began her meds to control the seizures, that is when her levels rose. Weird? Crazy? Coincidence? I don't know, but I am thankful.

For now we are continuing on the same meds we've been doing. Olivia is on all pills now which has been wonderful. The new med would have only been available in her dosage in a liquid. Liquids are no fun when traveling, etc.

Thank God it seems she is on the right track with all her meds currently.

King Solomon What???

This morning after getting ready to leave as we spent a little "hanging out" time...

Braeden, "Mama, King Solomon said to go to McDonalds."

Me, "What???"

B, "King Solomon said to go to McDonalds."

Me, "They didn't even have McDonalds then, how could he have said that?"

B, "He did."

LOL - Whatever you say.

So of course McDonalds was in my mind and after I dropped the little kids off at day care, guess what Olivia and I got for breakfast!!! :)
Tuesday, April 22, 2008

eBay Update

A quick update on my eBay endeavors. So far I have made about $240 that I have in a separate account. BUT, I have two items that supposedly never arrived??? So, I may have to reimburse those people which would set me back about $15. I have learned my "lesson" and will be getting delivery confirmation numbers with everything form now on. Still a good haul so far I think. :)
Monday, April 21, 2008

What a Night!

Adult Circus Ticket - $15

Two Child Circus Tickets - FREE

Three Hot Dogs - $6

One Bottled Water - $2

One Pony Ride - $4

Two Bags of Peanuts - $2

One Cotton Candy - $2

One Elephant Ride - $5

And One Cheesy Plastic "Metallic" Trumpet - $3

Braeden's Face During the Whole Night...


We had a blast at the circus tonight! I took just the boys. Olivia and Braeden went two years ago and Braeden didn't remember it at all. He was too scared then to ride the pony, but Olivia did. I take Olivia so often to movies and am taking her one on one to Six Flags Great America this summer, so as it was two free kids per adult, that's what we did. They were SO good! Liam was a little scared and my back was killing me sitting on the little makeshift board bleachers, but it was fun!

Love the brown Braeden teeth. His teeth are just horrible and I am not sure why or what to do. His one front one is the one he knocked last summer and it's "dead." The rest, no clue. Not like he doesn't brush them! I hear about it if we forget that! Heaven forbid, the kid LOVES to brush! Actually, except for Olivia, they all do! Anyway, it was a fun circus! :)


I branched out a little yesterday on Girlie's hair...

It turned out pretty good I think. :) Olivia was a little jealous. I told her I'd do hers next weekend. :) I can't take in any more girls with this kind of hair - too much work! :) But oh so fun to experiment! :) It looked even cuter today when I replaced the cherry ball pony with a pink bow. :)


Just heard from our cw. They are not going to even try to make Girlie specialized. They think the guidlines are too stringent and she won't make the cut. So they're not even going to try. Yes, maybe she wouldn't make it, but isn't it worth her LIFE to try??? I do NOT think she will make it long term with a traditional foster home; not the ones our agency still has that is. I could be wrong. I HOPE and PRAY I'm wrong, but I don't think she will.
Saturday, April 19, 2008

Peter's Sidekick

Did you know that Peter Pan has a new friend? My parents sent us the old Mary Martin version of the movie and we finished watching it yesterday. They all LOVED it!!! Braeden giggled and giggled when Peter tried to stick his shadow on with soap. And the kids clapped and clapped and clapped to keep Tink from dying. The funniest thing was that Girlie kept calling the cute little fairy STINKERBELL!!!! Love it!
Monday, April 14, 2008

Dinner Prayers

Tonight the kids' prayers were just too cute and humorous.

Braeden - Dear God, thank you for my family, for Uncle Dave and his horses, and for my big buddy (Grandpa)

Olivia - Dear God, help me to have a good Wish and thank you for my family

Girlie - Dear God - please not to scare the windows (No idea - but she is always saying that windows are scary)


Changing a Wish

Well, I won't say much about it because I'm not sure exactly what is going on and am pretty sure it's not typical of the organization, but things have changed with Olivia's wish. Due to different reasons, we've decided to follow her second choice for a wish... a trip to Disney World. Things still have to be more fully finalized, but it looks like it will take place the first week of August and my parents will be coming with us. Olivia is very excited about it. We've never received our own wish granter/s, so I really hope the rest of our experience is still similar to what I've heard of other's trips, etc. I want Olivia to have the best experience she can as this is a once in a lifetime thing. The end result isn't really the whole thing, it's the process and the experience we were both so excited about. Anyway, enough of that, I know she will have a great time. :)
Saturday, April 12, 2008

Slumber Party

We had a sort of makeshift slumber party last night. A few weeks ago I had picked up new sleeping bags for Olivia and Braeden (at the thrift shop I frequent). I figured their Sesame Street and Pocahontas ones were getting a bit young, and we passed those down to Liam and Girlie. I found two practically brand new ones that the kids love. Braeden got Bob the Builder and Olivia got one that has monkeys and says "Princess" all over it. Braeden has been begging me for a few days to sleep in them, so I told him that when I was better and we didn't have school/work the next day we'd do it. So, we situated them on the rug in front of the tv with popcorn and drinks, I put the little ones to bed and then took up residence on the futon near them and we watched The Muppet Movie. They loved it! Then I put in a Chris Rice cd and we went to sleep. They thought it was the coolest thing and it cost nothing and was something they'll remember for a long time. Very fun!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Older Brother

I realized after my post on Olivia and her brother yesterday that some of you probably don't know or don't remember what the situation was/is with her brother. Here is an old post to let you in on the situation... ***Prior to their adoptions, Olivia's name was Jakala and Braeden was nicknamed Bo*** (Thanks to Sara for pointing that out!) :)


Since then, we had only a couple visits. I tried and tried and tried to no avail to get them to do visits. I even brought it up at her ACR. And the times we did spend with him he always asked me why I never wanted to visit or call, because that's what his mom told him, that she would call me and I wouldn't call back. Nice. Our last visit was scheduled for Feb of 2007. The morning of the visit they called to cancel. Said that his mom's mom had cancer surgery the day before and she wanted to be there with her. HELLO! How long ago must you have known about the surgery!? And they were the ones who had chosen that date. We haven't heard from since, even though we've sent bday and Christmas cards. My heart goes out to Olivia.

Leaving Date

Well, Girlie has an "official" leaving date.

Yesterday I finally had the chance to go to our agency and talk with our counselor there regarding all that I have seen with her and my thoughts and concerns for her future. She was very surprised to hear all that she is already exhibiting at such a young age. She concurs with me that she will most likely be diagnosed, pretty soon, with RAD, but fears there are other "issues" running tangent to the RAD as well. What I also thought. We also talked about the possibility of getting her "specialized." In IL, you need to get children with exceptional behaviors, etc labeled this way to get them into homes of parents who have had extra training and knowledge with many of these issues. Specialized children "count" as two placements and their foster parents are paid extra accordingly. It would be a huge benefit if she would qualify as such.

The past few days I've decided that instead of giving them a "whenever" about her future placement, I thought it would be best for all if it were to be done this summer. Summer will definately be the best time for her to transition. She won't have day care and will have time to meet the new family and visit with them without all the chaos of work, etc. So...

I emailed the cw today and told her my thoughts. I said that ideally it would be good if she could finish out the school year with us, then go along on our trip to FL planned for after school gets out. We will be back home June 22 or 23, and she could spend the last week of June visiting with her new family, moving in with them on July 1st.

That would also give me time before school starts to switch my license to the other local agency I've been wanting to move to for a while. My friend J moved hers there this past winter and just received her first placement from them of an almost 2 year old girl. They are so very different in so many ways from our agency. Most importantly, they listen to and respect the foster parents. One of the things I love about them the most, they spend every morning before work in PRAYER together over the upcoming day and the children and families they will be servicing. What a concept. :)

Anyway, my cw emailed me back and asked that I submit my plan in writing and that they are glad to have my cooperation in helping her to transition, etc. I decided to just get it over with and wrote it up and brought it there after work. The regional director was there so I was able to give it to her and we talked a bit about the situation. It sounds like she really knows what would be best for her in finding a good family. She wants me to be there when we "disclose" to the potential family so that it is all "out there" and there are no surprises. Perfect! The only problem I foresee is that while she seems good on all this, the supervisor and cw are kind of worthless and I'm fearing that they will doing most of the work. I am putting this situation in God's hands and praying for the "perfect" family for her to be found.

So, it looks like Girlie will be a part of our family until July 1st.
Thursday, April 10, 2008

"What Kind of Glue?"

This morning we were driving to school and Olivia was looking at a building that was in process of being built. She said, "Mom, what kind of glue do they use to hold buildings to the ground?" Too funny!!!

She is behind about 2-3 years in some ways, mostly emotionally, due to her foster care process, etc. Lately she has been asking a lot of questions firming up reality vs. fantasy, things that a 4 year old would most likely ask. A few days ago she said, "Mom, in Cinderella it says that if you believe in your dreams they will come true. Well, I have been dreaming about seeing J (her bio brother) and it's not happening." We've had these discussions a few times over the past month or so about songs like "I believe I can fly..." etc. And a lot lately about her brother, especially since the day Olivia wore a new locket wit a picture of her brother in it to school. She showed her teacher and expressed how sad she was that she didn't get to see him and her teacher told her that she was sure she would get to see him again soon! I was floored and heartbroken at the same time. If any student said that to me, regardless of knowing any of their history, I would just say, Oh I bet you do miss him, or Oh why don't you get to see him? Certainly not that they would see him soon when I didn't know the situation. She has had such a hard hard time with this and while I try to talk to her repeatedly about the situation and how his parents just don't cooperate in this and how we most likely will not get to see him, I know she doesn't understand. That comment put her right back in the frame of mind of thinking about why she doesn't see him. And like it or not, since she is behind emotionally, I am the bad guy in her mind in this. :(

"Buttons Are No Good"

Well, we have 4 year old fashion sense all of a sudden. Braeden has decided that "buttons are no good" - on shirts that is. Twice this week I have picked out button up short sleeved oxford type shirts (today's even had cowboys and horses on it!) and he did NOT want to wear them! He said this morning, "Mom, buttons! Buttons are no good, I don't like them on my shirts." OH my. Each day he ended up going upstairs to choose a long sleeved tshirt. What ever. He cracks me up. So... if anyone out there is looking at clothes for this boy for any holidays in the coming year, I'd stear clear of buttons if you want him to wear it! :)
Wednesday, April 09, 2008

One BIG Step

Huge news from the time of my absence on the blog...

On Monday Liam's case went before DCFS for legal screening as a first step in termination of parental rights. IT PASSED! That means it is on it's way for termination. His next court date is June 24. My guess is that at that date they will set a date for the actual termination hearing and best interest hearing (which looks at the best interest of the child for permanency and at which I have to testify). I don't remember/know if they will set that rather soon after the June hearing or if it is a 3-6 month time period, but nevertheless we are on our way!!!

Happy BIRTHday!!!

I'm SO excited!!! My Cousin J ( I have a million friends, etc who are a J!) had her baby girl yesterday!!! Can't wait to meet her and welcome this beautiful baby into the family! My cousin, her husband, and this newest member are all J's! :)
Happy BIRTHday!!!

Out of Commission

I have been out of commission for a little while. I have not been on a computer or done anything since Saturday. Saturday night I started feeling a little "yucky" with a sore throat and body aches, but didn't think much of it. I hardly slept that night my throat was so sore by then. Sunday I was pretty much non-functional. On top of the throat which by then felt as though knives were being shoved down my throat each time I swallowed, I had on and off times of horrible headaches, low grade fever, body aches, etc. It was all I could do to get food on the table and somewhat supervise the kids. Every spare minute was spent with me laying under covers on the couch or whereever we were and closing my eyes, praying they were behaving and listening for trouble. I got through minute by minute, literally.

Sunday night Girlie was running 103.5 but I had a feeling that she had yet another ear infection. I called in for myself and her for Monday and called my assistant. I usually go in on mornings that myself or one of the kids is sick to rewrite lesson plans for the sub as mine are usually pretty cryptic. I told her that I most likely wouldn't make it in for that and that they could ad lib as much as they wanted. (I really didn't care ! )

Monday was pretty much the same but at least once the other 3 kids were out the door it was a bit easier. Girlie is very easy by herself and we watched a movie on my bed and dozed in the morning. I got in to the doctor at 11:40 and was diagnosed with Strep which is what I thought. At least now I'd have antibiotics!!!

Girlie couldn't get in to her dr until Tues so we both stayed home yesterday as well. I finally felt like a human yesterday afternoon and was ok walking and doing things. I ate only one thing on Sunday and one on Monday so Tuesday I was actually able to eat 3 small meals which helped a lot too. I didn't even want to drink due to swallowing prior to that but made myself drink some water each day. Girlie was diagnosed with double ear infections and has a referral for tubes. So she got her antibiotics yesterday. With all of my carefulness at staying away from the kids as much as possible and Lysol-ing everything, I think the kids (knock on wood) have missed the dreaded strep throat. I hope no one gets it!!!!

So, today I'm back at work, and Girlie is at day care. And although I'm completely worn out and tired, I feel good. My throat is fine, just trying to keep it moist, and my body is on the mend!!! Finally!!!
Thursday, April 03, 2008

Big Brothers

Braeden is such a great big brother. He can be a bit rough from time to time, but he is really so sweet and caring and really plays up the big brother role so often. He's becoming this sweet and sensitive little guy that I just love to see. God is doing great things in him. The little ones love him and these pictures show how much. I can't really post pictures yet but since Liam's termination is started and Girlie's face is in profile, I figured these would be ok.

This is from last weekend when Braeden was running a fever. He was a sick buddy and lay on the couch in the basement most of the day Saturday while the others played and watched some tv. Here he was watching a movie and Liam crawled up next to him to spend time with his big brother.

This one was from last night. We took time to watch a short video before bed and Girlie wanted to sit in Braeden's lap. He always lets them! :)

What a great big brother!!! :)
Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My Blog Design ROCKS!

Do you love my new blog design???

It was designed for me by Nikki who is raising money for a humanitarian trip she is taking this summer to the Dominican Republic as well as a monthly charity pick. It was extremely quick and easy and I love the results!!!

Check it out if you are interested with the link below the header!
Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Oh My Gosh - Siblings!

I just got "the call." !!!!

We are getting three new kids today!!! A 3 year old boy, a 2 year old girl, and their 2 month old brother!!! Oh we are SO EXCITED!!!

My van does not hold this many seats though so right after school I will be going to the dealership to get a 12 passenger van! I looked online and there is the perfect one for sale right here in town. It is a 1987 Ford with rust, but that's ok! We are so so excited!

We're also excited that it's April Fool's day and that you have most likely fallen for this APRIL FOOL!!! :)

Have a great day!

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