Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Sorry! First FL, then just life, and time on the computer to really blog has just gotten away from me.

Little One... had his Dr appt, just with his pediatrician. I was disappointed in him for the second time. He checked him over for two min, said he looked fine, and let's just watch him. I was really surprised. Shortly after this he had an "episode" where he had a blank stare and when both my mom and I called his name, there was no acknowledgement for a little while. Also, I don't remember if I mentioned this, but LO had had a visit with bio mom a while back where she freaked out saying his eyes rolled back in his head. He was starting to not feel good, but that's it, and we (the cw and I) played it off as her being overly dramatic. NOW, with everything that's happened, maybe that did happen and it was a seizure??? So, right after we returned from FL we had a follow up appt and I mentioned these things to his Dr. He said then lets go ahead and run tests. So, now he has a day full of fun on the 14th!!! Actually, it will start the eve of the 13th. I have to keep him up until 11pm that night, then wake him at 5am and keep him up until 11am when it's time for his EEG! We will check in at 10am and do the 3 labs that were ordered, then the EEG which will take until about 12:30. Then we have until 2 when he will have a CT scan.! Wow! I called the cw and asked if he or the case aide could help me out and do half the time with him and he said no problem. The 14th is the first day I can get into my classroom, and besides being extremely tired from the night before with Little One, I really need some time in the classroom. I am moving to my old building and have to set up everything, do bulletin boards, and prepare lessons. I have the 14, 15, 16, and 17. I need the time. :( Where has the summer gone???

Olivia's... subsidy came back. Wrong. It has to be changed. And of course the person who did it is the reg. supervisor and is swamped right now. Who knows when it will be completed. Then I have to sign again and send it off again and wait... again. Yuck!

Florida... went well. We had a blast at Disney World. The Contemporary Resort was great. It was sooooo close to Magic Kingdom. Most nights we watched the fireworks off the balcony. We had a few tired meltdowns, but they did great. Little One was scared of most everything and would snuggle his face right into the crook of my neck, then peek out to see what was going on. The beach was a big hit as was the pool. Little One is now walking everywhere and can stand in the middle of the floor without holding something. I bought lots of great deals on clothes for upcoming years/seasons. Who can beat the cutest rubber boots ever from Old Navy for 97 CENTS!!!! Olivia will look so cute in them this fall! :)

And beyond that... well life. Braeden had a follow up eye appt which went well. Paperwork is ready for the boys to start their new day care. LO will start the 10th, while I take Braeden and Olivia to Great America for the day, and Braeden will start the 13th. Braeden used the toilet a lot in FL, but also still says No Thank You a lot too when asked if he needs to go. We're getting somewhere, but it's taking forever, he has no real interest. We went school shopping for all of Olivia's first grade items, including gym shoes. I gave her an Ariel lunch box that I bought on clearance last year at Disney store for 2.50. She LOVES Ariel! My mom and dad got her the backpack for $5 to match and are giving her that for her bday the 16th. She doesn't know and I keep kidding her that she has no backpack and how will she go to school without one? :) I found out a lot about my class list for this year. Basically I got the shaft, but as I'm back in the bldg I want I'm not complaining. Next year, that will be a different story if it happens again.

I hope to post some pics soon. I leave today with a funny story (I thought anyway!)...

Braeden went to lay down for a nap yesterday. I had his pillowcase and a couple blankets in the wash and of course had gotten sidetracked, forgot, and they weren't dry yet. He climbed on the bed, looked at me, and said, "Mom, you need to put a pillowsheet on this!"
Friday, July 06, 2007
Well, we finally got the "call" from the Dr.'s office for an open appointment for Little One, 5pm today, Friday. We went, with Grandma watching Braeden and Olivia. We got in at 4:50 and the tech took his weight and temp and found out "what happened." I told her my thoughts on it being a seizure. We then waited 45 minutes! for the Dr to come in. All he did was listen to him and ask if there had been any problems. I told him no, that other than the time he was "out," he had been fine. The Dr said that all we could do is to watch him. I said, even if it was a seizure??? He said, yes, we just watch and see if anything else happens. What??? I couldn't believe it, that was all he had to say. He wants to see him back in 3 weeks, three days after we get back from FL. For what? So I can take three little ones to stay there for an hour for him to tell me nothing again? If there is a "problem" I could call, obviously nothing else will be done. SO FRUSTRATED!
Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Teeth II

We had our big dental appointment today. Braeden's dentist said pretty much what people wrote in my comments. There was no sign of infection or abcess, so they said to leave it as a spacer. We did find out that Braeden and Olivia are both getting teeth! Braeden did a great job, he was mostly scared of the chair as it went up and back, but did great through the exam and brushing and spitting! :)

Scariest Night Ever

This has been a long weekend. Friday my parents came in town for our family reunion. We watched Olivia's gymnastics "show" which ended her camp week, had dinner, and showed them the house. Saturday morning we left for the 2 1/2 hour drive to our family reunion. We had lunch there with friends of the family, dinner with our extended family, and then went to my uncle's. The kids love going to his house, as that is where they get to ride horses, a "real" ATV, and feed the barn cats. This year they also were able to ride a big tractor. They had a blast! The first time Braeden rode the horses, he was the exact same age Little One is now, but I couldn't imagine putting Little One on the horse! He didn't ride. :)

That night was a nightmare. About 10:30, Little One woke crying. All I'm going to describe happened so incredibly fast, this is from having time to think and piece things together. The first cry was "normal," and I wondered "Will he go back to sleep?" The next two cries were NOT. Something was WRONG! It was almost like he was throwing up or something. I went to pick him up and he was pretty much dead weight in my arms. It was not right. I rushed to the bathroom and turned the light on. I could see a little something by his mouth and wiped it and the inside to see if something was lodged there. He was not moving. I felt like I was holding a baby who would not be with me long. Flashes of headlines of "Foster Child Dies in Hotel" actually ran through my head. I was panic-ed. I didn't know what to do. He was looking at me somewhat, but it was like looking through a wall he couldn't get through. He was not floppy limp, nor rigid, but did not have the ability to move either. I had no idea if he was even breathing.

I rushed to my parents room down the hall and pounded until they opened the door. I yelled that something was wrong and I didn't know if he was breathing or what was happening. My dad dialed 911 and I told my mom to go to the desk and get a key for my room as the door slammed behind me without my key and Braeden and Olivia were still back there. She did and I went to the lobby shortly after to await the ambulance. A hotel worker was there and I told her what happened. They dialed 911 too and were told an ambulance was on the way. Another worker came and was helping me calm down and trying to listen to Little One. As she was patting him, he "came out of it." She said, "Oh, there you are, hello," and began calmly talking to him.

A police officer came and was so helpful and kind. I went through what happened. The ambulance came then too and they were wonderful. They checked him out but he checked out perfectly. No fever, sounded fine front and back, vitals were great, etc. They said they didn't need to take him, but it was my choice. A horrible choice to have to make, but I kept him there. The rest of the night was spent with my dad in the kids room, they didn't wake at all through any of it, and my mom and I in the other room with Little One. He slept on the bed next to me, propped up. Same the next night.

I called the Dr. Monday morning to follow up and let them know what happened. The receptionist told me that he wasn't in office that afternoon when we got back to town, but she would talk to him and see what he wanted us to do.

Sunday was our reunion, and we did dinner with the family again. We left Monday morning to take my dad to the airport to fly back, while my mom is staying through the week and flying with us to Florida on the 9th for our vacation there. I heard back from the Dr. around noon. They said that he wanted me to take Little One to the ER to have him checked out when we returned. We got back at 2, unloaded the car, put the big kids down for naps, and I took Little One to ER. We were there from 2:40-8!!! They tested him for RSV and did a chest XRay. Those came back fine, so they ran blood and lab tests. Except for two which had to "grow" and will be "done" tomorrow, the rest came back fine. The Dr there said that the only other tests they could really do would be a lumbar puncture and/or CAT scan and they didn't feel those were necessary. They did find that he had an upper respiratory infection and gave him antibiotics for that. So, after 5 1/2 hours we were able to leave. It was bitter sweet. I hoped to find something and "fix" it, but I also hoped there wasn't anything "wrong" too.

After thinking more about all of what happened, I'm thinking it may have been some type of seizure. He never coughed, or choked, or struggled to breathe. We thought he spit up and was unable to breathe basically, but he just "came out of it." He couldn't move his body though he looked at you. I'm trying to get him in to follow up with the DR before we leave, but supposedly they have NO openings. Most Drs I've ever been to have some time available during the day for parents who call in the morning with sick kids, this is crazy. They aren't open tomorrow. Who knows if we'll get in. I really am not liking this Dr much. I wish he could go to Braeden and Olivia's, but he's not taking any medicaid patients. Yuck. I HATE MEDICAID!!!

Please pray for Little One. I have no idea if this is the start of something major, or if it was a horrible fluke, a one-time instance. ???

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