Monday, May 03, 2010

Waiting Game With Your Life

So, since talking to a few family members and friends about my thinking of adopting, I've been getting some interesting responses. I get it. I hear it from large families, and I by no means think my family is "large." But others do. Many don't "get it." They think, focus on the ones you have. They even say it sometimes. Why spread yourself thin. How can you do it? You must be a saint (yeah, right! Ask my kids that LOL). And then there's the person who thinks basically that I shouldn't adopt more, because "what if" I meet someone. Really? I mean, yes, would I like to meet someone and get married. Of course. BUT, should I put my life, all that God has given me, and all that I'd like to share, on HOLD for the "what ifs?" What if I had done that ten years ago? I wouldn't have any of my kids! I would have taught and gone home to an empty house. That doesn't sound much like a life to me. I can't just not adopt because "What if". And, I know that if God does have someone in mind for me, then He also has someone in mind for my kids, and that person will accept us all.

I have more but will get off my soapbox. :)


annieglan said...

Do it! I just started reading your blog but am only in 2007. We aren't able to have an more bio kids and we get that too. Why would you adopt/ foster? You already have a kid. That baffles me. We were planning on 5 kids so not being able to deliver them myself isn't going to stop me. If you are able to open your heart for another child, the do it. No ifs ands or buts about it. :)

stephanie said...

I have been reading your blog for quite sometime and have never commented ~ but this post hits so close to home. I am single have one speical needs daughter from Haiti and three foster children that will soon have my last name... :0) I went through the same thing with family and friends the what if's - mainly the man what if's.. If there is a man meant for my life he would have to be sent from God and would love my 4 kids - too.. So I am not worried- it did make making the decision to adopt the 3 a little harder because I would listen to everyone and then think am I making the right decision... But I know God placed them with me and that I am meant to be their forever Mama - husband or no husband. LOL I say go with your heart...and try not to ask others what they think becasue then it just puts more thoughts in your head to weigh.. Weigh out all the pros and cons you see and go with what is right for you and your 3 kids..

Lisa said...

Stephanie, thank you for your comment, it's so great to hear from someone else at a similar point and knowing exactly the thoughts that go in and out! :) Thanks! How old are your littles???

stephanie said...

Nahomie is 10 soon to be 11 - she is the one who started me on my journey to being a mom- I didn't know it but God did. She is from Haiti and was only suppose to come to the states for surgery and return to the orphange... That was not God's Plan needless to say :0)She has many special needs- CP, Seizures, Wheelchair, non-verbal none of which define her or who she is.. She is full of life and I am honored to be her mother.. My 3 little foster kids are 2,3 and 5

Mandy said...

Amen! Love it!

Kristy said...

I have just recently found your blog from a friends blog roll!
It is SO good to "meet" other foster/ adoptive parents! We have 9 kiddos. 3 bio, 2 foster/adopted 1 domestic HIV and 1 Ethiopia HIV+ and 2 foster! Let me tell ya, we know ALL ABOUT the negitive feedback from family and friends when it comes to adding "one" more. Please don't let it stop you if you feel God is truly leading down this path. If we had listened to them we would have missed out on SO MANY blessings. As foster parents even we would get flack every time a "new" one came. But out of the 25+ PRECIOUS children that the Lord blessed us with we have learned so much, been blessed by them all, and would do it all again. It is such a special honour to be TRUSTED by our Heavenly Father with His precious little ones that NO ONE should judge and be against them getting a good home, with a loving family. Every child deserves a family. So, please, hang on to Him for your strength, and guidance, and know that while others mean well, they really don't and won't understand because God hasen't called THEM to this walk in life. To us, there is absolutly NOTHING more important and special to us than to wrap our arms around that sad, broken, scared, lonely little heart and to be given the priveledge to love, and heal, and watch them bloom where the Lord planted them. In a family.

Blessings to you as walk down this new journey!


Lindsey said...

You GO girl! We just arrived home with our first two children from Ethiopia and we are already feeling the Lord call us to be praying for our next child. And our family ADORES our kids and yet they still think we are nuts! :) It's a good thing the Lord sets the lonely in families and not people; He designs them so much better! Wishing you the best.

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