Thursday, May 27, 2010

Teacher Gifts

***Warning*** If I know you in real life, you may want to skip this post!  Because this beauties are being given out to everyone for everything in the next year! :)

I know it's probably a little late for most of you, BUT you HAVE to try this... maybe Christmas gifts, or try to remember for the end of NEXT year!  

First, I got the idea from HERE.

First, I downloaded the template from the site I just listed.  It gives you a great border and writing saying "You're an Awesome Teacher" seven times and one that says "Principal".

Next, I took pictures of my kids sides against a wall...

I then loaded those pics into Photoshop Elements, cut the outside and turned it white, then cut the inside and turned them black, creating a silhouette digitally of each of the kids...

Next I added those into the template.

Then, I typed the names of the child below the "from" at the bottom.

I was ready to print.  I had some printing issues, but these shouldn't happen with you! :)  Once the finished template was printed I copied it onto a transparency.  (I of course have access to these at school, but you can easily have a printer's do this for around $1 per sheet) - remember there are eight on a sheet!

Next, I went to a local dolla*r store and purchased hand soap.  Braeden saw the hand sanitizer and wanted that instead so I obliged.  I also got sanitizer for Olivia's principal instead of the soap.

My two cents - get the hand sanitizer instead of soap!!!!!  Soap is do-able, but you need to work at getting that label off and then work at getting the glue off with Goo Gone.  I thought we had Goo Gone, but we didn't.  The sanitizer's sticker came RIGHT off with no residue!  We are going back to get more tomorrow and do them all as sanitizer!  I'll keep the soap to use at home!

So, after you have everything, you cut out each "label" out of the transparency, being sure to cut just inside the black guideline for each so that it doesn't show in the bottle.  You will then roll the label slightly, stick it into the top of the bottle, and use something to smooth it against the side; I used a plastic knife.

Once done, tie a ribbon around the top, and Voila!  LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!

When at the store, I picked up four of these gold metallic sheets for a dollar as well, wrapped the hand sanitizer in one and tied again with a small piece of ribbon to wrap them!

I cannot WAIT to have the kids give these to their teachers!!!  I love them and they cost under $1.50 EACH!


Mom said...

Love this brilliant idea!! Very cute

Christie said...

Wow! Great idea! Love it...I'll become creative like that one day :)

Eve said...

Super cool! So creative, and they came out very professionally done. I love arts and crafts like this.

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