Monday, May 24, 2010


Yes, I am thoroughly in the midst of the world of adoption.
Yes, I am an AVID reader.
Yes, I have heard about this book, and seen mention of this book, and have looked at this book on shelves.

So do I know WHY I have not read it until now???  No. Clue. 

All I can say is, God has a great sense of timing! :)

I am LOVING Melissa Fay Greene's book There is No Me Without You!  I am just getting into it, but keep stopping every few pages to really give myself time to digest what I'm reading.  My usual is to just read read read something.  I love reading, and when a book captures my attention, as many do, I tend to read them so quickly that a week or so later I can barely remember many of the details.  I'm trying NOT to do that with this one!

For example, here is something I loved in the pages I read today...

Adoption is not the answer to HIV/AIDS in Africa.  Adoption rescues few.  Adoption illuminates by example: these few once-loved children - who lost their parents to preventable diseases - have been offered a second chance at family life in foreign countries; like young ambassadors they instruct us... For every orphan turning up in a northern hemisphere household... ten thousand African children remain behind alone.

"I am deeply respectful of the families who care for our children," (Haddush Haleform... head of Children's Commission under Ethiopia's Ministry of Labor) said.  "But I am so very interested in any help that can be given to us to keep the children's first parents alive.  Adoption is good, but children, naturally, would prefer not to see their parents die."

Isn't that the crux of it.  We need to do even more than "just" adopt.  We need to HELP.  It's amazing how truly wonderful all those "new" ARVs are, what a mighty difference they can make.  In fact, why not see for yourself.  I plan on watching this with Olivia.  Because as much as I try to explain to her what HIV "used" to be in our country, how it used to be a "death sentence", she gives me that smirk.  That kid smirk you get when they just don't really believe you.  As if you are saying that just to get your point across, but it's not REALLY true.  I want her to know the truth.  It's still a death sentence to many.  Will you take 30 minutes of your time to watch?


I'm so glad you are loving the book!! I'm like you, an avid reader, who tends to fly through books. I did that with There Is No Me... which is why I'm reading it again. :-) Enjoy!

Thanks also for posting that link!! I was upset that i missed it last night.

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