Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Today has been a day of doctors, and as they are not always on my top ten list of people I would like to spend the day with, it has been a long one.

Girlie has had low fevers all weekend, so I called her doctor this morning first thing to get her in since I had a feeling it was an ear infection again. (No school/work today for President's Day.) So Olivia and Girlie and I got a lot done this morning. She was to get in to the doctor at 12:40pm. At 11 my friend J and her daughter came to hang out with Olivia, Girlie and I until her appt.

At 11:10 Liam's day care called to tell me he had a 102.5 fever! I called his doctor before leaving to pick him up, to see if I could get him in today. The first thing they said was, "Well, I see that he had a well child appt on Feb 1 that was rescheduled and then one on Feb 14 that was cancelled." I'm thinking, what does that have to do with him being sick, but ok... and said, "Yes, and the one on Feb 1 was the snow storm that closed schools, etc and his caseworker wanted to reschedule it. Then he WAS at his appt the 14, but an intern from the agency took him since they are doing his doctor visits right now, and she was told she couldn't sign for the vaccine he needed and it had to be rescheduled." She said, "I'll talk to the doctor and see..." A while later she came back on the phone and said that that was a "high fever" and I needed to take him to ER to be seen!!! What??!! Oh please! I've had kids with 102.5 many times and have ALWAYS been told to do Tylenol/Motrin and watch it. That is NOT a high fever.

Now when Braeden was his age and had the 104 fever, that was high, and his doctor all but laughed at me for being so concerned and told me to give him the warm bath, Tylenol, Motrin and WATCH him. No, they were upset because he missed the last two appts I guess, and didn't want to see him. Ridiculous! It didn't even have anything to do with me!

So, we were at Girlie's doctor's from 12:30-2, yes she has an ear infection. I also asked about her "weird post-antibiotic sickness" and he gave me ideas, I'll share more on that later. Then we went directly to ER and were there from 2:15-5:25! Liam was diagnosed with the flu. It has hit here HARD!!! The ER was FILLED and they even had a cart of pitchers of water, ice, and pop cans for people. Everyone there to be seen had to wear a face mask because of the strain of flu going around. (He did look really cute in the little kid mask and I kind of wished I had a camera!) :) The doctor said she could prescribe a flu med, but it really didn't do much and I needed to just give both Tylenol and Motrin, not alternating, but together. Tylenol every 4 hours, Motrin every 6 as the fever with this flu strain was real stubborn. Fun.

I dropped off Girlie's prescription on the way to get Braeden from day care, and was told it wouldn't be ready until 9pm!!! I said I'd get it first thing in the morning. I wasn't staying up until 9 with the kids to get a med! (A little foreshadowing of how silly I am that 9pm is late.)

I had asked how soon they thought Liam would be able to return to day care. (I used 3 non-paid days last week alone, and 2 others with Olivia's appts!!!). She said they were writing most of the kids out for AT LEAST the rest of this week. I wanted to bawl. I called my dad, my mom was at Bingo, and asked if she might be willing to come help if I bought a plane ticket. Much cheaper for me to do that than keep taking these days. Each one is a small fortune. Let me just say that we have a Stokke Kinderzeat, which I LOVE. It was Braeden's and Girlie uses it right now. I've wanted to get a few more, for Braeden and Liam, even Olivia really, but so much money. Yeah, I could just about buy one for EACH day I have to take off right now!!! :( So, she has a flight and is coming tomorrow. No return ticket until it's ok for her to return. I am so glad!! So blessed!!! Thank you mom!!! But, our night was not over!

I had given Liam Motrin at noon, and they gave him Tylenol at 3:00, so I gave him Motrin when we got home at 6, then Tylenol at bedtime at 7. At 8 I heard him crying in the monitor. It was not a good cry. It's the cry you hear when something is WRONG. And, then we repeated the scariest night of my life. You can read the post here.

It was awful. I called 911 and they hung up after, I thought on all those shows that they always stay on the line with you until help arrived? Guess not! Anyway, I then called my friend J to come stay with the kids, which she did. During these calls he came "out of it" quite a bit but still seemed slow to move, etc. A policeman came first then the ambulance. This time I had them take us to the hospital. Right where we were a few hours before. As we were going to the ambulance my neighbor across the street came to ask if I needed a sitter. SO nice of her!!! I told her no, but thanks. We were at the hospital until 12am!

They ran a few tests, xrays, etc but found ta da.... NOTHING! I knew they wouldn't. The doctor there attributed it to his fever, but I told them the same thing happened this summer and he had NO fever then. He prescribed the flu med the other doc didn't which seems funny to me. I was also told by this "group" to give Tylenol and Motrin every 6 hours rotated. Shouldn't there be a "set" way to battle this flu!? You'd think!!!

So then we were stuck there. The ambulance guys had said the hospital would get us home and not to worry about my car. But then the hospital said a cab, which is what they do, wouldn't take Liam without a car seat. Duh! I knew Girlie's day care provider, our friend H, would most likely be up so I called and asked if she could bring me a car seat. My mind was so out of it, I didn't even think of asking her just for a ride home, dummy! But she called when she got here and asked if I didn't just want a ride, so that's what we did. I am so blessed to have good friends here!!!

And the whole time at the hospital I kept thinking, and I want MORE kids, I can barely do it with these with the issues they have!? What is my problem? But then I think "yeah, but..." My goodness. Now Liam is fighting sleep as he is ready to go. He slept pretty good at the hospital. And, I have to call his doctor's office tomorrow, whom I SO don't want to talk to, to get him in for a check in the next couple days. What a day.


Julie said...

What a nightmare! I am sure hoping you get some relief soon! poor kids! So glad your mom can come up- too bad you don't live closer to them- I dont' know what I would do without my brother and sister in law- they keep G when I need it- I hope they all feel better soon and you don't get it!!! Praying for youall!

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