Sunday, February 03, 2008

Olivia's 'Do

I decided to branch out from my experiment with Girlie's hair last week. I forgot the skull cap for nap time at day care and she ended up pulling out most of the beads in one day. I just took the rest out, but the braids still look nice. I tried the beads on Olivia today. I washed her hair in the "box braids" (I think they're called???) and just undid each section one at a time to redo. I then had to resection each into 2-4 new sections in order for the braids to be thin enough for the beads. She has about 35 braids!!! It took a while, but it turned out pretty well. She was very excited. The last few times she's had her hair braided in FL at the beach, Olivia has ended up pulling out beads. She vowed she wouldn't and really wanted it done, so we went the "extra mile." :) Tomorrow we head back up to U of Chicago for her next appt. They will check her med levels, etc. I also want to ask about a report that was released on the 31st. It tested 11 anti epileptic drugs, one of which is the one Olivia is on, and showed an increase in levels of depression, suicidal thoughts, etc.
Along those lines, I have a "lead" on what could possibly be the issue with Girlie. I looked at my past blog info after thinking that she may have had an ear infection shortly before she was "sick" the last time. Sure enough, she did. She would have ended antibiotics 4-5 days prior to her illness. She threw up one day, slept the entire next day, no fevers, one or two more weird throwing up episodes, crankiness in the mornings, all of which is exactly what is happening now. This time it began the day her antibiotics ended. Anyone out there in the medical field have any ideas? I looked up allergic reactions to antibiotics and found information on four types. Although one shows itself immediately, the rest do not. Could she be allergic to the meds she took for her ear infections??? It's the only lead I have. I'm going to contact her doctors the next day or two to see about getting her tested. It's just too coincidental. Hopefully we'll figure it out.
Liam has done much better. He hasn't had a fever today, but was still a bit cranky. Not completely himself, but no fevers at least. Here's hoping we have a great week! And you too!


Julie said...

I am not in the mediacal field but I am allergic to most antibiotics- and the symptoms don't show up until about 3-5 days into taking them- but my symptoms are getting a rash. I did not figure this out until I was in college- that I was allergic. It could be that is the problem for Girlie- would be great to catch it early!

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