Saturday, February 02, 2008


I am so "sick" of sickness!

Last September, Girlie had a period of about a week where she was sick, but nothing defining and no one could figure it out, they basically thought I was imagining things or she was adjusting to our home. I knew something was wrong, as did the caseworker, but nothing was discovered. And then it went away as mysteriously as it started.

It's started yet again. Thursday night she threw up during dinner. I assumed it was because I "forced" her to eat a bite of sweet potatoes. When she came to me in August she wasn't even two and asked for pop and french fries as I drove past a McDonalds. She wouldn't eat hardly anything that we served, especially meat, vegetables, fruit, cheese, eggs... you get the idea. She has come a long way and does well now for the most part. She eats fruit all the time. She still has a hard time with others listed, but is doing better. Anyway, sweet potatoes were a new thing and she wasn't having any part of it. I said she needed to eat a bite. She did and then proceeded to throw up. I assumed it was because of that. (any hints on cleaning a jute rug???)

I didn't even think about her throwing up the next day when she slept on the way to day care (weird for her). Her day care provider called a while later to let me know that she had shook during breakfast and wanted to go to bed. No fever through any of this mind you. She slept and when her dev. therapist came they had a hard timing getting her up and she wouldn't even interact much. She slept or lay on the couch most of the day, but ate pretty well, and no fever. Her provider also told me that when Girlie was crying and asking for "mommy" she said "You want your mommy?" and Girlie made it a point to say "No, I want Lisa" (my name).

I made an appt for her at the Dr. after school, and of course he found nothing. I called the agency to let them know what was going on, and as Girlie now has a new caseworker, asked her to talk to the previous worker to know more of what we did in Sept and what happened then. She had open heart surgery at a very young age and it is very scary to think that it could be related to that. I wanted them to document that something is going on again, that I've taken her to the Dr. and I don't know what else to do.

Friday she was somewhat cranky/crying but then ok after she ate. Today about the same this morning, then seemed ok. At dinner she threw up all over the table. Still no fever and not really acting sick. I am at such a loss.

Liam on the other hand began the day this morning with 101 temp. I gave him Motrin and when my friend and her daughter came over for cake to celebrate the boys' birthdays, he was hot again. This time, 103.8. yuck!!! He's asleep now with Motrin and I'll check him again when I go to bed.

Poor babies!

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