Monday, September 17, 2007

Two More Sick Days Down

Two more... Only, what, five or six left for the entire school year??? Oh my.

Something is going on with Girlie. No one seems to know, and everyone seems to think I'm crazy. Thursday day care called to say that she had thrown up. I had to pick her up. When I got there within the hour, she was acting like always. No fever, nothing. Went home, got some things done around the house, then at lunch, threw up again. We tried saltines and then chicken noodle soup for dinner and she kept it down. Seemed like herself, except that she kept pointing to her mouth but I checked and although couldn't get a great look, her throat looked ok.

Friday, slept constantly. So unlike her, even for being sick, she is not a sleeper. I called at 11 and got her in to the doctor at 11:30. At 1 we finally saw the doctor. She slept on me the entire time in the waiting room. He checked her over very well, but found nothing, no great look in her mouth either, same as me. Still no fevers or more throwing up. He said to keep her on a bland diet and watch her. Slept the next 2 hours until it was time to pick up the kids and then was "fine" the rest of the day.

Saturday - tired and cranky in the morning, but then acting ok. Pointed to her mouth again that afternoon and this time stuck out her tongue really well. I noticed on the back of her tongue - not throat - that she had 5-6 very large taste buds/ nodules/ whatever??? Haven't seen anything like it. I called the doctor and the on-call person, someone I don't know, called back. He basically didn't believe me as to what I saw and said to just watch her for breathing or choking problems. Still no fevers or throwing up.

Sunday, tried a little yogurt and grapes, first dairy and citrusy fruit since Thurs. On the way to church, sure enough, threw up all over her car seat. We turned around and drove back. Changed her and her car seat to the old one. Packed a bag and the DVD player and headed to the ER. We actually got in pretty quickly. Of course you never know when the doctors will come and she had JUST put two cheerios in her mouth when the dr. came in. She was a bit patronizing. Looked around at the kids and said that Of course I'm the "expert" but that she had only been with me a month or so and this was most likely her adjustment to a new location. I said I had never had an adjustment like this and that she has been doing great. There is something else. I tried to tell her about the large whatevers on the back of her tongue, but she said all she saw was cheerios. She didn't even wait for her to swallow and look again!!! She said there was no problem for her to go to day care and to stay away from dairy for now. I asked if she could write a note as day care follows a food plan and wouldn't just take my word. She said you mean the day care won't listen if a mom wants her child off milk for a while. I said, they have to follow the food plan. She was not the nicest. I did get a note.

She went to day care today and about the same, tired in the am, but then acting fine. I have no idea. Her caseworker got her an appt with her doctor for tomorrow at 12:20 and will take her there. I am glad. Something is going on. With her previous heart surgery, I did tell you she had open heart surgery right???, I am scared to death that something could become a big issue and I certainly don't want that to happen. This stinks. I hate using sick days because I know I'll need them as the year progresses, and I hate having something wrong with one of my kids and no one figuring out what. I pray they find something tomorrow.

Thursday's the big day - Olivia's adoption!!! :)

What a week.

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