Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Rest of Our Day

We had an amazing day today! After my earlier post we headed out to the local festival. Davids started on some of the kiddie rides and loved them!

But he moved on to the bigger rides quickly and loved those too!

Grandma and Grandpa texted that it was cotton candy day soon (yeah right) and to treat all to cotton candy, on them. So we did and he loved that! :)

The little boys and I rode the carousel while Olivia and Davids went on the huge ferris wheel.

Then all but Liam took a turn at the slide...

On the way back to the car...

On the way into McDonalds...

I asked for a picture menu at McDonalds (took them almost ten minutes to find one!) and he first wanted the ice cream! But then settled on a cheeseburger and fries and loved it! We had ice cream later!

At home later we started to get PJs on and read a Bible story. One of the goals of hosting is to share Christ with the kids. Most do not know God, so they suggest using a children's Bible and just going through the stories that way.

After they changed, I came upstairs and he was folding his clothes to put them into his bag. I said, like I did last night too, put them in the hamper I'll wash them. And he said, "After only one day?" My heart about broke! I don't know why that got to me so much, but it did. I shook my head YES. I will wash them. I've already showed him a small dresser that is full of the clothes others have donated and told him that they are his. Today he wore an outfit he came with, doesn't bother me at all, but I do want him to understand that we do have these things for him and they are his. When we were at a store earlier, I wanted to get him another pair of PJs, we looked at pajamas and figured out ones he liked (Iron Man) and a size, and then he started putting them back on the rack. I said, no, they are for you, we will buy them. He was so cute! I have heard how some of the kids just get too overwhelmed at stores as they haven't been to one, and how some get the "greedies", I saw none of this with him. He was very interested in everything and wanted to look at everything, especially the toys, but he did not even ask to buy anything and left when it was time to move on.

Anyway, we were talking about our nighttime Bible story! So, we began with creation. I asked him first if he knew the Bible and he said yes, but I still wasn't sure. We read the story and then I asked each what their favorite thing God had made was, finishing with Davids. He said bird but was trying to think of what specific one it was in English so I pulled out my laptop and google translate (love that!). He typed the bird name in Latvian and it came up... dove. He said he liked that one because of Noah's ark and how it was sent out!!!

BUT, that then started a time of using translate and he really enjoyed that. I typed Do you like cake? as I was going to make one later, and he said yes. Then he took it and typed... Do you like, I? Meaning... Do you like me!? I said most emphatically YES we love you! and he typed Truth? and then Really? and had this adorable grin! It was so sweet!

He is having a hard time right now going to sleep, but I was prepared for that. He stayed up watching some tv and cracked me up that he was watching the Hulk... on the Spanish channel!!! Seriously! :) They even showed a McDonalds commercial, in Spanish and he was excited to see that and said that that was where we had gone earlier! :) I can still hear him upstairs moving around on the bed. Poor thing, it is pretty hot up there!? Maybe tomorrow I'll let him sleep in the basement??? He said it's much cooler in Latvia. :)

Tomorrow is church and I think I'm going to have him go with Olivia to her class so he's more comfortable, especially since he doesn't know the language or Bible REAL well and is a bit small, I think it would be easier for him, we'll see.... :) Off to bed.. hopefully... :)


Eve said...

The festival visit seems like so much fun. Cotton candy day? Too cute. :D

I love the pictures of the kids at McDonalds. I don't know why but I imagine taking my future kids to McD's and watching their reaction eating fries.

Hope Davids' sleeping pattern gets better. All the best!

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