Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Adoption Update

Today we had our second home study visit... it was conducted at our house so that our worker could talk with each of the kids, see the house, check for smoke detectors and a carbon monoxide detector, and get a feel for us as a family. It was a beautiful day so we spent most of it outside with the kids playing and swimming in our little pools. They did wonderfully and it really helped Braeden, especially, to be outside and active with the visitor. He just gets so overwhelmed and off the wall with change at times. She was really impressed with how well they did and enjoyed meeting them and seeing the house. Her first comment was, "you really ARE organized!" LOL !

I am applying to a GREAT agency for my adoption! They are very established and I have heard wonderful things about them from many in the "adoption world." I just happened upon their site through a grant organization I was reading about. When I looked at a list of their programs, there was one for Hong Kong, which I hadn't seen before. I clicked, and everything about the program seemed perfect for us! So that is where our focus is now. I will be keeping things pretty general until our adoption is complete, giving out information but non-specific so that this adoption and other possible future adoptions are not compromised for any reason.

We are most likely going to be adopting a little girl (0-1), with some type of special needs, possibly Down Syndrome. I am extremely excited!!! Although a piece of my heart will always reside in the Congo, where we were originally going to adopt from, I hope to still follow along with others adopting from and helping out there, and if God stabilizes that program for singles and blesses us in that road, perhaps in the future we will find our way there. For now, Hong Kong is where He is leading and I am following HIS lead.

Out of the 145 million orphans in the world, approximately 88 million are in Asia.

My agency works with an organization in Hong Kong which does a lot for the community. I love this! They provide many resources and education on sex ed, teen pregnancy, etc. They work with teens and mothers who find they are expecting a child with special needs and do what they can to help these families. They also provide small group homes and foster homes for children they need to try to find families for. The Hong Kong officials work to make sure that they are adopted by families able to tackle these special needs and a family must be approved through an application prior to beginning an adoption process.

The agency I'm working with also has stringent application guidelines and requirements. I mailed application number 1 yesterday. It's pretty basic, but includes one notarized statement as well as a couple others. I have never used a notary so much as I have lately!!! :) It takes 7 days for this app to be approved, and then you begin app #2, compiling even more documentation. That app takes 30 days to approve! In the midst, you must also complete two online workshops. The first was approximately 3 hours long. The second will be available online soon.

All of this to say, that I feel very "safe" with this agency. They know what they're doing, and especially for my first experience, I'm glad to have that to rely on. The people have been just WONDERFUL! I am looking forward to all of our journey!!!


Molly said...

Hong Kong sounds great!!! I can't wait to hear more about your journey. I know I'll adopt one day, single or not, so it's great to see you go through the process. It's so exciting to watch the whole thing unfold from start to finish.

Holly said...

I am over the moon excited for you...and wish I was going along too!!

Anonymous said...


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