Saturday, June 26, 2010

Part of a Family

I thought this needed it's own separate post. As silly as this may seem, this really struck me as saying volumes about what Davids understands.

Last night I showed Davids where his toothbrush and deodorant were and the shelf I had put them on in the bathroom. I had given him a toothbrush in a travel holder for him to take back when he has to leave. He glanced down and saw that on the sink is our toothbrush "carrel." It has four spots, but since I have Olivia keep her toothbrush up high (just so Liam doesn't get it and use it, little stinker he is!), there is an empty spot in the carrel.

Davids took his toothbrush out of his travel container and placed it right in with our toothbrushes. He gets it. He IS part of us... at least while he's here. I was choked up watching him do that and am now just in thinking about it! His white and blue brush looks great alongside ours!

That leads me to a very important part of this post... Will you PLEASE help me in advocating for this incredibly sweet young man!? He NEEDS a forever family. We just can't be that family, but at the same time as it breaks my heart, I know that that's right, that we AREN'T his forever family. But I also know God called us to bring Davids here. I KNOW He did and I KNOW that that was for a reason! He is using us and I'm asking you to see how He could use you... please help us pray for and advocate for Davids!

Davids is 15. In Latvia at age 16, kids are NOT ADOPTABLE! That is not acceptable to me! He needs a family! And Latvia also takes three trips to adopt. Even if I wanted to move heaven and earth, I just can't do that as a single, working, parent. I wish I could. The child DOES get to come home with you after the first trip, which is great, but there are still two more short trips to complete the adoption.

He deserves a family to love him and call him theirs. He is such a sweet caring wonderful young man! I know we've only known him a short time. I know that he could be in a "honeymoon", BUT I'm a foster parent. I've had kids in and out, I teach kids with special needs, I have seen RAD up close. I have seen NO signs or red flags AT ALL in any way shape or form about this young man!!! NONE!

I can't talk to him about adoption. I can't even mention the word around him. That's ok. What I can do is get the word out. I can pray. We live in IL, but will be traveling to FL July 15 and staying until Aug 1. There are a mighty bunch of states between here and there that we'll be driving through! I would love to get together with anyone who MAY be interested. I would be meeting you as a friend, and you would be doing surveillance without him even knowing! IF there is anyone potentially interested, I will then pass that info on to New Horizons and they will help that person/couple from there.

Please help me help him!

Post this on your blogs, post this on Facebook, email any who may be interested and direct them to my blog and / or to me! Let's bring him HOME to a forever family!

Feel free to email me!!!
anglsamngulb at hotmail (dot) com


Megan said...

Hey Lisa. I will repost this to my blog. I know sometimes when you link someone, people reading don't read past that one blog post. Maybe you should put Davids' picture on this post. Those precious eyes may speak to someone who might only take the time to read this one post. Just a suggestion! Praying and Praying for Davids!

Lisa said...

All Done!!! :)

Eve said...

I hope Davids can find a loving home soon.

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