Thursday, January 15, 2009

Odds and Ends and Adoption Updates!

Hair - My hair is getting longer and longer. I wish I could find a style that was ok and just keep it, but I never do. I always go to a salon, tell them the honest truth (I will NOT take the time to do hair, I won't, never do, it lasts a week and then it's wash, brush, dry - without brushing/styling, and done, period) but it's like they don't believe me. Or maybe they think, hmmm... if I just give her THIS (you fill in the blank) style, THEN she will want to style and take the time to do it. NOT true people! I am telling you the truth! It's not only that I just don't want to, though that is certainly part of it, but I am hair illiterate. I am. It's true. Can't do anything! So, anyway, what I usually do is get it cut, maybe I do like it or love it, but I also have issues with making phone calls. Seriously. It's true. If I do not set up an appt. before I leave the salon, chances are I let my hair grow and grow until I simply can't stand it, then go somewhere else to get my hair cut and start all over again. Vicious cycle isn't it! :) I don't care. Why is it so expensive to even get your hair cut well in the first place? So I decided that since I usually just let it grow, cut it, and grow it again, and since it grows very quickly, I'd put it to some use. As soon as it gets long enough it will be donated to Locks of Love. Yay, a great organization, and a reason to do nothing with my hair! :)

Weekend Plans - This weekend we have big plans! But the kids don't know it yet! :) We're heading to a town about 2 1/2 hours away where most of my dad's side of the family lives. We are having Christmas!!! :) yay! I'm so excited to see everyone! I hope it is a relaxing and fun weekend. I'm sure it will be. I'll wait til we're on our way to let them know, you just never know what could happen before then! :)

Monday - So Monday is Olivia's and my girls' day. We have been planning on hitting a great thrift store, eating at Olive Garden for lunch, then seeing Hotel For Dogs. BUT, after reading about the movie yesterday in my Adoptive Families magazine, I'm not so sure now. Maybe some of you who have or have had foster children could give me some input??? I knew what the commercials show, two kids find an abandoned hotel and all the strays in the world to house there and care for them. Well, I found out more... I guess the two kids are in foster care and have been bounced a bit. They end up with a not nice couple who tells them their dog can't stay. In the process of figuring out what to do, they find the hotel, etc. I guess they do become close to their caseworker and he is proud of them for what they accomplish. They end up finding a great couple who adopt them. BUT, I worry about the memories. I worry about what it could make her think of, the what if's of adoption and foster care. She's still young and already has such a hard time processing what actually happened. Should I take her????????? I just don't know. I've already told her we were going too, so that's a part of it. AHHHH! Why??? :)

School/Work - So most of the districts around us were cancelled today, just too too cold! Some are closed tomorrow as well. Mine, well, kids don't have school tomorrow as it's a teacher institute day, but because of that we DO have to go to work. It's ok by me. We only have to be there from 8-1, they are providing a working lunch for us, and we don't have an extra day added to the end of the year. Sounds good to me! :)

Today - Had a great day, got lots and lots done, and had a fun night with friends. My friend J and her three girls came over, cooked dinner, we ate and talked, then I showed them some of the Wii. We didn't get to do a lot as they couldn't stay real late and we were creating profile for each of them on the Wii Fit, but I showed her what some of the games/workouts/etc were like on it. I can't wait until she comes over and we really get to do it! And no, no video of me hula hooping will be on this blog! Unless of course I end up like the finalists on The Biggest Loser and look so great I won't mind at all! LOL :) It's a possibility, you never know! :)

Liam's adoption update - Well, supposedly, though I still can hardly believe it's true, Liam's bio dad never filed an appeal and termination is FINAL AND COMPLETE! (I still keep waiting for them to call and say they were wrong though!) AND, the subsidy paperwork which is the next step in the process of him being a forever part of our family, is supposedly done as well, and is being sent to my attorney!!!

Now, this however is a bone of contention with me. As I told the newest caseworker, number 3 or 4 I think, with both Braeden and Olivia's adoptions I was shown the subsidy prior to seeing it with the lawyer, or at the very least had input on it prior to it being completed. This way I could make sure that the medical past issues, development, etc was all a part of it. He is brand new to this case, and the person doing the subsidy I've never even spoken to. I really don't want to make an appt, sit down with my lawyer, go over the subsidy, find out things I know should be in it are not, have to send it back to the agency, then make another appt with the lawyer, etc... when I could bypass the first appt. by having some input. When I mentioned these concerns, the caseworker said "he'd talk to the supervisor and see" And I have yet to hear back from him (It's been a few days now.) Yuck! I'll be so glad when Liam's adoption is final and I'm completely separated from this agency. :(

BUT, the subisdy issue aside, I am incredibly excited and it feels too good to be true that Liam will most likely be a forever part of our family by summer!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! :)


so exciting!!!about LIAM!!!

Let us know about the movie. We have not seen it so, I am not sure. If nothing else it would be a great way to open up the subject and talk about those things.

GROW IT GIRL!!! I am so close right now. It will leave me with a pretty short haircut but I've been wanting to do that anyway.

A friend of mine cut hers in her class last year and I was thinking I might do that too. I love getting the kids thinking about others - even my 3's.

have a great weekend!!!!

Julie said...

Great news all around!!! I wonder if you talked to Olivia about the movie before you went- so she could process some before- then see it and talk after- I think it is good for her to see other kids in the similar situation- i think she is old enough since she already has other questions about it- just my thought- :)

cafegirl71 said...

When I started reading this post about your hair...I seriously thought you were talking about me. I am so hair illiterate. I spend about 5 mins on my hair..brushing and blowdrying. Thats it. I just canceled my last appt cause I wasnt sure what I wanted to do with it. So its just growing for now...I am sure I look ridiculous some days.

Julie said...

Hey- also I did the locks of love thing this past year- and well on my way to another donation!

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