Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Odd Man Out, Small World, and a Special Christmas Gift

The kids and I had a wonderful weekend this past weekend. Saturday we headed about 2 1/2 hours away to where most of my dad's side of our family lives. We had not had an opportunity to "have Christmas" with them, so this was our time together. They had no idea until we were about 20 minutes away and Olivia had finally spotted and read a sign with their town's name on it. There was lots of joyous screaming in our van!!! :) Prior to that, I had told them they could guess and I would confirm or deny their guesses. I heard Florida, Busch Gardens, High School Musical on Ice, a "show", etc. It was too cute! :)

We stayed with my aunt and uncle and had so much fun. Their son (my cousin :) ), was in town with his girlfriend, and their daughter lives in an adjacent town with her husband and the cutest almost one year old girl ever! :) My other aunt and uncle, their two daughters (one with a husband, and one with a boyfriend) also came, along with my Grandma.

We have had Christmas together, usually a week or two before Christmas, ever since I was itty bitty. The only ones not in attendance who were while I was growing up, was my parents and my brother.

The kids (and I!) love them all so very much and it was a lot of fun seeing everyone and spending time with them. A very small world was discovered when I found out that my cousin's girlfriend is actually from, and her parents still live, in the town adjacent to where I currently live! They met where they both live now. Too funny!!! She is so great, and got a good taste of Braeden's activity level... (we're working hard on him "asking" before he starts climbing and flipping on people!!! lol)

So why is it, that I am the oldest cousin of the six of us, and yet I'M the one who's still single!!!??? :) Yet I do have the most kids! :) Three are married, and now the other two have "significant others". Hmmm... Talk about odd man out!!!

Of course on the way there we had the whole "gift" talk. Maybe you don't have that with you're kids??? We talk about gifts, how we always say thank you and give hugs (before looking around for what's next!), how we are grateful for whatever is given (even if it's something we already have so that they don't feel bad), and how Olivia's gifts aren't always the toys they used to be (now that she's getting older). :)

I needn't have worried, though it's good to prepare and remind, because they LOVED everything they were blessed to receive. My one aunt and uncle and family had already sent some wonderful gifts to us while we were in Florida (including the Santa aprons featured in one of the pictures from there!), and my other aunt and uncle spoiled us rotten! The kids especially were excited to get home to play High School Musical Sing It for the Wii! :) Maybe we now have something to rival Mario Kart! :) My Grandma always gives all of us money even though every year we tell her it's NOT necessary and we want her to focus on herself. :)

After most all of the presents were opened, my Grandma stated she had some special gifts to give out. She said that since 5 of the 6 of her grandchildren (my cousins and I) were together and she didn't know when that may happen again, she wanted to give these to us in person. She started with my "boy" cousin. :) He received a pair of cufflinks that had been my dad's dad's. (My Grandma lost her husband while my dad was in high school. She remarried near my birth and that was who I had known as my Grandpa.) He also received a knife whose blade had been hand carved by him while he was in the war. Then she called me to her. She said that her mom had passed her wedding ring down to her, the oldest daughter, to then pass on to her oldest daughter. But she had three boys. SO, she was passing it down to her oldest son's daughter, me. My great-grandmother's wedding ring. Wow. It's gorgeous. I love it. What a special gift I will always cherish.

She then passed out three other rings to my three other cousins. One received her original engagement ring. One her engagement ring to my Grandpa. And one a ring that was to be her 20th year anniversary ring, but my Grandpa passed away a couple months shy of being able to give it to her. They are all gorgeous.
We ate lots (I did well though compared to how I would've been before I started my healthy living "kick"!!!), played our adults only gift game! :), and were up way too late. Everyone left around 11:30! The kids were wiped! But then my aunt, my cousin's girlfriend and I stayed up until WAY late talking!!! OK, so we ate a few things along the way, but not too bad!!! :) And we talked Wii Fit! So that's a plus! :)
The next morning we went out with some of the family for brunch at a great restaurant. Then we packed up and got ready to hit the road. Liam was giving lots of kisses!!! :) (My cousins' daughter.)

And to those who know Braeden but ask if he ever stops... he usually doesn't, but when he does, here is what it looks like... :) He was wiped!

Later that day, mom got the Wii out, we hooked up HSM Sing It, and had a blast! Olivia did SO well! (They score you based on notes and the song being sung - Braeden and I were getting Cs, Olivia got As and Bs!!!) :)

A memorable weekend!!! :)


Rebecca said...

I LOVE the ring! What an amazing gift!!!

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