Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Braeden's Night Out

We found a new sitter! :)

She babysat once prior to Christmas break for Braeden's Christmas program, and tonight was her second night. She hasn't watched Braeden yet, so I'm still praying for that. :) Instead of hiring her for once a week like we were doing at the beginning of the year with our last sitter, she's going to come every other week. We'll see if that helps Braeden not be quite so crazy with the sitter while I'm gone if it's not "his night".

Since Monday is a day off of school/work for Olivia and I, we are going to have a "girl's day" that day, so tonight was Braeden's night. I had mentioned to Braeden's teacher that I had thought about taking him to a Barber Shop, but was unsure of where to go, and she recommended one only a few blocks from our house which I didn't even know of. We started our night there tonight and I LOVED it!!! It's just a small barber shop, three chairs, and the three guys were sitting in them when we came in. I introduced us and told them Braeden's teacher had recommended their shop and that it was his first time getting it cut (by a pro!). They were GREAT!!! So nice! And I loved the signs posted that said "No Swearing" :) LOL

Even funnier, I've had a week of interesting talks with Olivia. She has unfortunately been hearing more about the birds and the bees than what I knew in 6th grade, and she's in second! It's been quite a struggle for me to know what to do and how to handle it. I don't want to be a parent who "forbids" her from seeing certain friends, but that's certainly how I'm feeling. What a HUGE drawback from public school! Anyway, these guys were talking about how kids today know and talk about so much that they didn't even think of until they were in Junior High, and what was appropriate on tv (not much!), etc!

It was so neat to hear others who share similar thoughts and views. God was completely working through this time, and in a way I never would have anticipated, I LOVE that about Him! I have visions (I tend to get carried away sometimes!) of us going there every two weeks, and them getting to know Braeden and becoming sort of role models and mentors. He could really use that! Not only a good male role model, which not being married would definately be beneficial, but also a black male role model. They could talk to him about things that I could never pretend to understand. Especially the prejudice that still exists in this world.

His hair looked so GREAT!!! He's such a little man! :)

After his haircut, we went bowling. We tried this one other time and they were closed for a private gathering, but tonight we were lucky. He had a blast! I haven't bowled in years. It was fun. (And I somehow got four strikes in the second game!) :)

We then left to go to dinner at Culver's - love it! (PS I did NOT get a turtle sundae even though I really debated on it!) On our way there I thanked him for spending time with me and Braeden said, "My pleasure!" :)

He then talked about his hair and said, "I don't even look like Braeden. Braeden is gone. I look like my big brother." (his brother is being raised by a friend of mine and we get to see them a few times a year. He really does look so much like him!) :)


Brandi said...

Precious! God is soooooo good!

You are such a great mom, too. I love how you do such special things with each one of them!


Julie said...

So cute! He is a little man!! wow how they grow so quickly!! Love the bowling pics!!

JJJ said...

What a fun night! Congrats on the strikes :) Braeden looks so old - definitely a little man! Love ya!

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