Sunday, July 27, 2008


I think that's how someone described our life right now, and it increased today. First, let me say W is not used to ANY routine. I found that out pretty quickly. I documented eating/sleeping times Sat to have an idea, and he has NO set nap times which I confirmed with M. He just falls asleep whenever and gets up whenever, meaning he takes little/45 min naps throughout the day. He did sleep all night both nights going to bed about 10, getting up at 5 for 3oz of formula (I tried a paci, everything, nothing would calm him but that) then back to bed til 7. So today I stalled some of his feedings/nappings to try to get them onto a schedule, and to work on getting his bottles up more, but have heard from a few lately that some kids just eat little "meals" and it's normal. Also, he has two little bottom front teeth, and is cutting the two upper fronts. BUT, one of his bottom teeth is BROKEN!!! I'm sorry, but that is HUGE to me??!! Am I wrong? How does a just-turned-six month old BREAK a tooth!? I have never heard of that before and will be filling the caseworker in on that.

The other thing that's been different, not so much hard, is M. He is the nicest boy! He is very willing to follow directions, etc and most of his "stuff" are things like poor table manners which just comes from bad habits from his past home. So I try to give gentle, general reminders to all as a whole and not single him out for anything unless I need to (like talking with Liam and Braeden the first night after 9pm). :) I'll say things like, "remember guys, we're going to keep our arms off the table while we eat." etc.

But the hardest for him I think is that he's been transplanted from a home that lets him watch what tv he wants, when he wants, use the computer when he wants, play video games when he wants, etc. into a home that first of all doesn't have much for boys his age right now, and is pretty strict on tv/media input. When we were picking pjs at the store (and he was SO hesitant to even "want" anything until I explained the agency had sent money for us to buy him some clothes, and still it was hard for him to be interested in it) he wanted the Sponge Bob ones. If you watch Sponge Bob I have nothing against other's views of it, etc, but for us I don't like it. I think it, and so many other "kid" shows today are incredibly sarcastic and rude. As a teacher I see that attitude in HUGE amounts of kids these days. NO respect for adults, let alone teachers or parents, etc. I don't want my kids to grow up like that. And if I can help at all by monitoring what they watch, when there are so many WONDERFUL shows that are positive and fun and "cool", then why bother with the not so great ones? My opinion only! Anyway, so I gently said that Sponge Bob wasn't the best choice, that we don't watch Sponge Bob, and showed him every other pair there which were FINE with me. He wanted to know why I didn't like it, and don't my kids like it, etc. I said, they haven't seen it. Then he asked if I thought it was PG13. :)

A lot of our interactions are like that. He doesn't "get" that other families and people and kids do and like different things in different ways. He said yesterday maybe I could live at my Uncle **** house. I asked about it, and it's because they have video games, "the one where you drive the car and can get out and stuff..." I'm guessing Grand Theft Auto? But not sure. HORRIBLE game, especially for kids! I'm not opposed to video games, we just have never bought any (yet?). I used to play Atari and Nintendo, etc and LOVED them! But so many of the games the kids play nowadays are rated a lot older than they are and are so inappropriate. I think that that is the hardest part of getting an older child, at least from the US. They are often used to doing whatever whenever and it's hard for them to understand your rules and why they are there and why they have to follow them. But then to come to grips with it and not be angry at you over it. Just hard.

BUT he has been WONDERFUL for Olivia! She is quite behind her age group socially/emotionally. You can see it most of all when she plays. She just doesn't understand how to engage others in play. When we were in FL, there was a six year old girl who was in the pool with us 3-4 different times. She was very outgoing and friendly and swam by/with us telling us her name, etc. The second or third time I asked Olivia if she wanted to go play with her? She said yes, asked her if she wanted to play, she said yes, then Olivia just stood there. It was awkward. I think she is used to following other's social cues, which could be challenging as she gets older. But, with M here it's been great for her. She's getting a lot of play time with him which really engages her in a way I couldn't. My girl who used to always want to be in the same area as I, has been in the basement all day with Braeden and M playing trains and making up stories and playing legos. Yay!

Could also be partly because Liam woke up sick. :( He didn't eat breakfast, but has had a hard couple days with all the changes himself. He came over and laid his head on me, and Blechh!!! threw up all over me! :( Lots of running around and cleaning and getting him situated, so W and I have been up in/near my room all day while Liam is in bed. He's feeling much better now and is napping, so we'll see... On with the day


Brandi said...

First thing. . you should label all of these with RLC. . .Others would LOVE to read this as it gives such insights into fostering!

Second. . .again, thank you for your obedience. When you can't see it, call me and I'll go on and on about I can see and imagine ALL that the Lord is doing through you in healing their sweet hearts.

PS We don't do spongebob either! Also, have you seen Leapsters? They are learning handheld video games. . great for reading skills with letter snd number games!

ali said...

no spongebob here either! my 12 month old is smarter than patrick, so what do they learn??? LOL no video games here either. YUCK. mostly because of my fear of them getting fat like me lol

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