Sunday, July 13, 2008

Craft Time - Boys Only

Since Olivia and I were to be gone today, our "normal" craft day, I took the kids to Michael's yesterday for Braeden to pick a couple things for the boys to do today. He picked a foam dinosaur ($1!) which I'm betting the sitter did most of, but that's ok. :)

And a wooden set to color and stand with a small cross piece. Braeden's of course were knights, that is his new obsession lately. And Liam's were airplanes. Liam didn't seem to do much with his, but here is what Braeden accomplished. They are too cute! :)


Julie said...

Okay Rockstar- the last 48 hours for you were amazing! all I can say is WOW- I am excited for your new van!!! that is cool!

Julie said...

What is the story on NY?


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