Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Why I'm Not a Nurse

Today was Braeden's circumcision.

His parents had (obviously) chosen not to have him circumcised. Once his adoption happened I really thought a lot about it and wanted to have it done, but didn't think Medicaid would cover it since it's not a "necessary procedure." But, I was wrong and found out by asking, that they would. So, it was set up.

I've talked to him on how to appropriately clean himself prior to this, so discussing it wasn't hard, but how much was he really understanding??? Saying his will look more like Liam's doesn't explain to a 4 year old the pain and blood that goes along with it.

He was a trooper today. He did so great. He called for me a couple times on his way into surgery, but he woke up great and was himself in no time. Olivia, after having anesthetic for her CAT scan, slept and slept, not Braeden. :) He is concerned about the blood and has to tell me often that he has blood on his penis. Ok, thanks for telling me. I however am so squeamish it's not even funny. I feel nauseous even now thinking of what it looks like. Poor buddy!

The hardest part for me though, and I don't even know why, was that the nurse had to cut off his necklace. For Braeden's adoption, I had made him a hemp necklace with metal beads of his new initials BLB. He's worn it ever since, almost two years now! It was tied on and couldn't be removed without cutting it. I had been thinking lately that I should make a new one as this one was starting to get small, but having to actually cut it off was hard to see. :( It was hard for him too and he did not want it off, but the nurse told him we could make it into a bracelet which helped. We'll need to do that soon.

So, after leaving the hospital we picked up his prescription for Tylenol with codeine if he is having pain, got him a Sprite and a half gallon of ice cream (he hadn't eaten since dinner last night until they gave him graham crackers and juice in recovery), and he is hanging out on the couch watching Spirit. Liam is at a friend's day care home and Olivia came with us today. Should be a calm day.


Emmy said...

aww. poor kid. usualy its done when they are first born so it isnt as painful. since new borns are ALREADY in pain for learning how to use their organs and stuff.. btu poor kis.

Julie said...

Bless his heart!!! I hope it heals QUICKLY!!!!! Am sad about the necklace too- a bracelett or anklett would be cool. ;)

mary grace said...

Thanks for posting this. Dh wants to have our foster-adopt son circ'ed to "be like the other boys." I was wondering if anyone else did this ...

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