Thursday, November 19, 2009

Team Edward!

I can't believe I'm actually doing this! I can't believe I'm *choke* 39 years old and doing this! But I'm actually going to be out late late late tonight! I have plans... a date some may call it... with a Vampire! :)

I'm off to see Twilight at 9pm and then New Moon at midnight. And to answer my questions myself, if you've read the Twilight books, then you KNOW why I'm doing this! :) They are too fun! And my lovely, wonderful, college-age sitter is coming with her roommate in 30 minutes so that I can go! :) The kids will sleep through it all, they don't even know I'm going! I wasn't about to tell them their beloved Miss H was coming, because then they wouldn't have gone to bed sillies!

I have a Luna bar packed, and our theater has free refills on pop and popcorn, so though I won't be getting the popcorn, the diet coke will be free flowing! :) Some friends from work were going to come with me, and me being the early bird ALWAYS, I had my tickets early, but when they went to get theirs a while back they were already sold out! :( But Liam's day care provider/my friend is going with family and so I will be sitting with them. Not that I would have minded going myself, I do that often actually, but this will be fun together! Out for a fun night! And then working tomorrow! I told my teacher assistant we may be doing a movie or two in class tomorrow! :)


jodes said...

HOW FUN!! Soo... how was it!?

Lisa said...

LOVED it! I've heard there are bad reviews, but here's my take. :) I liked Twilight, because I loved the books. If I hadn't read the books and fallen in love with Twilight I don't think I would have appreciated the movie. I don't think they knew what a following Twilight had, didn't spend much, didn't have great direction, not too great with some of the acting, didn't follow the book in some places, etc. So New Moon, a MILLION times better! They hired new directors, actors did a great job, it was put together well, and really followed the book I thought. If people see it who haven't read the books, not sure, but I LOVED LOVED LOVED it! Only problem, every time one of the characters came out the first time or a little sexy looking, lots of screaming, which meant I missed diaglogue! :) So I NEED to see it AGAIN! :) Shoot! :)


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