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This and That

We had a great day today. It was kind of nice not having TONS of candy after Halloween like we normally do. It was just too chilly to be out as long as we usually are, but we still had a great time and got a decent amount of goodies. :) I admit I've had a few of the kids' treats, but am watching what I splurge those calories on, and not having too much at any one time. :)

Tomorrow we head back to Chicago for Olivia's next Dr. Appt. It usually goes quickly and then we have some time to spend together having lunch and hitting some good thrift stores. She's becoming good at spotting bargains for herself! It's nice to have some time together every so often.

Two Saturdays ago Liam had another seizure. He had his last one in August, and only two prior to that over a year before. They started him on meds in September. All three of his previous seizures had happened during the night, this one came on in mid day. It was scary as ever, but at least I was more prepared mentally, rather than waking up in the middle of the night and finding him unresponsive. Since this was a first in the day and a first since being on meds, and since it lasted almost five minutes before the ambulance arrived, I had them take him to ER. We grabbed jackets, packed a few snacks and the Leapsters, and went to the hospital to meet them.

He was awake and sad when we arrived, but coming more to himself again. They ended up testing his med levels to make sure he was ok in that area since his neuro doctors hadn't checked them since he began the meds, but those looked good. No idea what happened or what triggered the seizure.

The doctor was not so nice. I take that back, he was nice, but made quite a few remarks that I wasn't happy about. He was condescending and patronizing and I don't think he grasped that I even understood what he was insinuating. Believe me, this is not the first time I have received comments such as the ones I heard this day. Many many hospital workers have been wonderful in the years I've been a foster/adoptive parent, but there have been some, like this doctor, who must see the words "Medicaid" or "foster care" or see the fact that I'm a single mom, or an interracial family, or whatever it is that triggers this person into assuming certain things. Assuming I'm uneducated, or that I have no money, or that I don't know how to care for my children, or that I am "using" the government and taxpayers... or???

Today what I heard was that he wasn't sure my neuro doctors would want me to bring Liam in every time or not, and that if they didn't trust me as a parent or thought I was overwhelmed with how many kids I had that maybe they would so that he could be checked out, but that if they trusted me as a parent then maybe I could keep in touch and let them know what happened instead, and if kids have a fever I should take their socks off and try to cool their bodies, but otherwise I should bundle them up a little warmer than I bundle myself, you know, like if I had a short sleeved shirt I might want to put the kids in a long sleeved shirt, or if I was in a long sleeve I might want to put them in a long sleeve and a jacket, maybe a hat, and would I be contacting his neuro doctors or should they, and was I working tomorrow? (Sunday), and on and on... Boy, it's so good he was there to share these pearls of wisdom. I don't know how I would have survived child raising otherwise! :)

By the way, Liam did NOT have a fever so removing his socks as he told me about this and then having Liam get upset because he likes his socks on, which, what do you know, I knew, wasn't the best idea, and the kids and I were all in a long sleeved shirt, pants, and a jacket. AND, the kids, even my extreme ADHD wonder, were VERY well behaved, so where he even got the idea I was overwhelmed to make THAT comment I have NO idea.

Sorry. I see that I'm ranting. It is just so frustrating. This person doesn't know me from Adam, and yet feels he can judge me and jump to conclusions about me??? I don't get it. I didn't even try to say anything back because I knew he wouldn't listen. When he asked if I was working the next day, Sunday, I did tell him no, I was a teacher, but don't think that that even registered. I'm thinking of writing a letter. When you're in a situation where you're worried and upset and just trying to take care of your child, to be hit with these statements just is not what you want to hear. That's when it's nice if there's another adult with for support, but alas, it's just me. :) Oh well. I just kept talking to God (in my head) for patience and understanding. I didn't want to jump to conclusions about him the way he had about me, and I didn't want the kids to see me frustrated and angry.

On to better and brighter... :) Liam's meds were upped again, yes I did contact his neuro doctors right away! :) In another week he'll go in for blood tests to check his levels again, then we go back on Dec 3 for his next EEG and appt. Hoping we're on the right track! :)

In other news, have you heard yet of It's a wonderful online marketplace for handmade items, any handmade items you could think of. I have bought some great things there! Sellers create their own "stores" on Etsy and list items they have for sale. You can find anything from apparel to jewelry to toys to furniture... etc. Long ago, when I was younger, :), I used to LOVE to share my creativity through crafts and other outlets. When I moved here that was put on the back burner. When I began as a foster parent I decorated my children's room with huge Wizard of Oz murals that I painted. Then I worked at scrapbooking, which I just don't have time for. And now, now I am working on opening my own Etsy store! I am extremely excited about this endeavor. I'm making jewelry and trying my hand at a few different things. Currently I'm working to build up a small inventory before actually listing anything, but soon, very soon, you'll be able to find my store at the following address:

Hopefully it will continue to fuel my creative side, while allowing me to earn a little more income for our family, give even more to causes close to our hearts, and potentially save toward a future adoption!


Molly said...

I rarely comment, but I've followed you for a while now, and I love your story and your kids!

It must be terrifying to find your son unresponsive! I'm an EMT and I've dealt with seizures before, but I know it usually scares the crap out of parents. If he's not having febrile seizures then what the doctor said makes no sense, like you said!

So let me get this straight? If the kid is hot, you cool him down? If not, then you dress him appropriately for the weather?

I feel that armed with that advice I will now be a very sucessful parent one day. :-P

Oy vey. Anyways, I hope that the med increase will help, and that you'll only get good news from both Olivia and Liam's docs!

Lisa said...

Hi Molly! Thanks for your comment! That's exactly what I wanted to ask him, but would have let even more slip! :) Liam's first and third ever seizures happened, of all things, at Holiday Inns. I really think, now, that he had this seizure activity and that a chemical perhaps in their pools was strong enough to trigger it, it's the only thing that sort of fits. His second one was following a day at ER for high fever (his lovely medicaid Dr. doesn't have "sick" child appts and wouldn't see him), so that one could have been triggered by the fever. This one, he had no fever. The doctor was telling me that I couldn't be checking for fever every five seconds, even though I told him that I had been watching for fevers since the boys had been sick with upper resp, Olivia had what could have been the flu, and Liam's day care all had the flu. He said (patronizingly i might add) :) that he could have spiked a fever within a minute or two without me knowing and once outside in the cool weather he cooled off (he had no fever at the hospital). Fine, but the whole time he was out of it in the seizure I was rubbing his forehead and cheeks to see if he would respond and he wasn't hot. Oh well. I was also surprised because the EMTs usually ask about what time the seizure started and this crew didn't. They used ammonia (sp?) to snap him out of it, but he went almost right to sleep and wasn't really himself for almost two hours, very unlike the others he's had.

Anyway, sorry I'm running at the mouth!!! :) Hope you are having a good weekend and have a wonderful week!! :)


:)De said...


This is the 2nd post today I have read about "professionals" behaving badly. AARRRGGGG! It gets my hackels up cause I hear some of the same comments based on assumptions made regarding my singleness, multi-racial family and my size. Good for you for holding your tongue...I am working on that. LOL!

Praying for health for you guys.


Molly said...

That's weird about the EMTs! I'm an EMT and in NY we do IV meds if we have a patient who is still in active seizing. I know a lot of kids who have seizure disorders get super tired after an episode, and the post ictal state makes them sort of not their normal selves.

That is so weird about the Holiday Inns! I wonder if you're onto something, perhaps a sensitivity to the chemicals, or they get into his system and he has trouble getting them out?

You're not running at the mouth :-) You're just trying to figure out whats up with your boy! I hope you get answers soon!

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