Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Weekend

We're out of town this weekend so unfortunately haven't had time to catch you up on our adventures. We came to my hometown on Wednesday afternoon to spend a few days with one of my bestest friends from "way back" :) and her two little boys. We were supposed to be heading out today with a long stop where my dad's side of the family resides. Today is our family reunion and we had then hoped to spend the rest of the day with some close family members. Unfortunately that is looking like it's not happening. For, Olivia was admitted the hospital here late last night. A few days ago she developed what was essentially a tiny "pimple" on her abdomen. All she thought it could have been from was a hair she had pulled out in the area. We held a warm cloth on and treated it and ... expected it to go away. Two days ago as I was putting lotion on her I noticed it had developed a hard, small lump underneath the "pimple". My friend we are staying with put some stuff on it and bandaged it up. Yesterday it became much worse and I put in a call to an on call doctor back home. He said that with no fever we should continue to watch it but it was getting larger and really needed to be drained and cleaned and that she needed to be put on antibiotics. He said it should be done in 24-48 hours and that Monday morning would work, assuming she didn't develop any other symptoms. Last night we had some tickets for a baseball game (the kids have never been) so we were still going to go and then I had decided that once we returned and got the boys in bed I'd take her to ER to get her cleaned up. She continued to feel worse and even was having a hard time walking "normally" but at the same time my friend reported that when I wasn't right there, she was acting much better, so we thought part of it was drama. :)

After taking the boys back and getting them ready for bed, my friend feeling sick with a sore throat and cold that came on quickly, worrying that I was leaving her with her 2 year old, her 4 year old and mine who has been QUITE a stinker to say the least these last couple days, my 6 year old who has been an angel compared to some days!, and my 15 year old who has had some trouble understanding parenting lately (not horrible, but understanding that a mom is there to provide rules and discipline along with the fun and food and etc...), I was feeling torn in two!

I got Olivia to ER close to 9:45 pm. On our way there she developed a fever. God is good. If I had decided to wait, I would have woken to find her quite HOT! It was low when we arrived, but she's been on meds and is still battling it now and had to just be given a suppository to try to keep it down. After talking to the nurses and the doctor, the doctor stated he was going to make a couple phone calls. To me, that is med speak for "I haven't treated kids with HIV and am not sure I want to..." but I could be wrong. The nurse (male, who was extremely nice) said that while they do drain infections such as these (which is what the on call doctor told me needed to be done and that ER would do a better job than an immediate care type place), they were concerned since it was close to the abdominal wall. SO, ended up they called a surgeon to come look at her and he suggested admitting her to the hospital, giving her IV antibiotics and keeping the area warm, then putting her under the next day to go in and see what's going on. Sounded like best case scenario would be that they could go ahead and drain it and send us on with antibiotics. Of course, being Sunday, no one could give me a time this would be done as it was "his Sunday" and maybe he'd want to get it done early, but maybe he'd want to sleep in. Seriously!? PLUS, their pharmacy doesn't have her every day meds and while I do, because we're traveling, they may not allow??? me to give them to her this morning because I don't have the original bottles. WHAT?! I did find out last night after she was brought up to the children's area that she was scheduled for 8 am this morning for the surgery. SO,,,,,,,, praying that they get in and find what they need and that it is able to be drained and cleaned safely to get us on our way as soon as we can. I know the boys will be so nervous once they see we're not there this morning. Praying for them as well. And hopefully soon I can update on our days this past week...


:)De said...

Whoa! I pray that Olivia is doing well this morning and for you. You told that in such a calm voice. Your kids really know how to add excitement to your trips don't they?! LOL!


Praying for a quick, painless resolution for Olivia!

The Kings said...

Praying for Olivia!

Mary said...

We are praying for Olivia!!

Susan O said...

I wonder what on earth can it be? I hope she feels much better tomorrow!

natali said...

praying for sweet Olivia and you guys

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