Sunday, July 04, 2010

NOT for the Feint of Heart!

Here is my warning!!! If you get easily grossed out... stop NOW!!! OK, I've said it!

So on the way home from the fireworks Braeden began saying he had an upset stomach. He was moaning and groaning and mom was not being so nice about it after a while! :( It took a while to even get out of the parking lot. He finally said he would need to use the bathroom once we got home and I told him that was a good idea. That kid ATE when we were at the buffet and had a bunch of candy at the fireworks!

About one block - ONE BLOCK - from home, I glance back and he said, "I think I'm going to throw up."

I said, "Oh honey try to wait, breathe, you'll be ok..."


This is what happened ONE BLOCK from home!


So I hosed him off in the shower, cleaned the floor in the house he "dripped" on walking through, got the kids to bed with Braeden on my bedroom floor on a towel and with a garbage can, and gathered items to clean with. I picked up as much as I could with towels and then using a little dishsoap in water, scrubbed with a dish sponge (now in the garbage!). Can't believe how great it cleaned and how nice it looks!!! I may have to do the rest of the van!

Now the only thing worrying me is what it will smell like in the morning! :( Luckily a few people on FB have given me some great advice, so hopefully we'll be ok. Here's hoping B's not sick tomorrow!!!


:)De said...

When I read "buffet" in your last post... I knew what was coming next. LOL! My first kiddo (RAD, asperger’s, etc...) was a pro over-eater/vomit-er! But I was blessed I guess in the area that he could hold it until he could get to the bowl and never missed the toilet. Hey…we take our blessings where we can get them. You will have to share some of the FB hints you got regarding odor. I sure they would helpful in other areas.

Happy 4th and …Peace!

Maureen said...

My 7 year old is a projectile fact she kind of looks like a sprinkler when she does it, because she almost always turns her head from side to side while ...well you get the picture.

The last time she was sick it was all over the bed, her comforter (practically brand new!) and even her pillow. We had set a towel on the floor by her bed and a medium size trash can...not a single bit got in or on those, but she did stratigically get the wall and the bottom of the bunk above her! I threw most everything out...can't stand the smell.

Do we get awards for this...prizes, something? Oh yeah, we get to be called Mom, I think that's worth it!


Charissa said...

I just love an honest blogger. ha ha. Talk about keeping it real. :) Enjoying your sweet family. Thanks for your comment this morning.

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