Friday, July 02, 2010

Updating on Davids...

Someone had asked for an update on Davids, so here goes.

Davids is an amazing young man!!! He is the first one to offer help to anyone if he sees a need. He gets a bit annoyed at the 4 year old CONSTANTLY saying his name, wanting to be by him, touching his things, etc, but let's face it, mom does too! :) And, he loves Liam to pieces!!! It's when it's gone on and on that he will finally have to tell him "Please leave me alone." Just to get a five minute break before Liam starts again! :)

I have had many people who have sent out info on my blog to people who MAY be interested. The very first day I sent an email to my yahoo groups and received a phone call THAT night from a family who is potentially interested. They are hoping to see how he progresses through the week/s and then??? If it's "right" I know that God will be working things out! I have not had the opportunity to speak with them again, but hope to see what their thoughts are at this point soon.

I still have seen NO red flags of ANY sort with him, and believe me when I say that I am watching him ALL the time, even when he doesn't realize he's being watched! He has been nothing but a wonderful, typical at times, 15 year old (compared to one of our 12 year olds in many ways).

A wonderful story to share... yesterday I was sitting outside while the kids were playing. Davids had gone in the house to play for a while and not much later he came outside and was trying to tell me something. He said, "You know, box in downstairs, have dollar in, with George Washington, hundred dollar???" I was trying to piece together what he said, but it didn't make sense to me because I didn't have any hundred dollar bill in the basement!? So he tried again and basically said the same thing. I finally asked him to show me. Well, Davids loves checking everything out, he has fixed Braeden's kid guitar, switched a million sets of batteries to play with toys needing a charge that didn't have any in them, etc. In the basement on a shelf I have four retro metal lunchboxes. In my last house my kitchen was all retro, it had an awesome old vintage oven and I ran with the theme! :) These are the last four boxes from that decor. So, he must have been opening them and checking them out... and sure enough, there was a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL inside one of them!!!!!!

Now, money is a huge thing that we are taught about in our hosting training. We are not allowed to give them any money as it causes many issues in the orphanage, in the airport on the way home, etc. He could have VERY easily taken that money and I would have NEVER known. I didn't even know it was there, no clue why I put it there or when. But he didn't even touch it to bring it to me, he brought me to it, and even then he simply opened the box to show me without touching it himself. I was dumbfounded. I told him he just earned a "prize", that I was proud of him for telling me and not taking it and that we would go to the store the next day for a little something. And then, when I asked what he might like to get, he didn't get the "Gimmes", he didn't ask for a DS or CDs or anything like that, he asked for a nerf gun. Which we got today for $10 out of my monthly budget. The $100 went directly into our adoption fund!!! yay God!!!

So, I hope this answers some of your questions. PLEASE, if you have ANY questions about anything related to Davids or hosting, ask away and I will try to answer the best I can!!! Thanks for reading and following along with us. This is definately a life-changing experience for myself and the kids, and hopefully for Davids in many positive ways too. I will host again in the future, though it will probably be a couple summers away. The winter program wouldn't work well with working during that time, and I'm hoping and praying that next summer we are bonding like crazy to our new addition!!!!! :)


Christie said...


Wow...again! This goes right along with your last post...God is providing in the greatest ways! I look forward to seeing how He continues to reveal his plan and purposes to you!

Glad that Davids is doing so well!

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