Friday, July 16, 2010

New Hair!

A friend recommended a new 'do to try for summer! Olivia LOVES it! And mom loves how easy (and inexpensive it was to do!) The fact that it will last 3-4 weeks certainly doesn't hurt either! LOL See the big cheesy smile...

But oh how old she looks!

It was hilarious though. Someone came over to do her hair into cornrows first and then showed me how to "latch hook" the hair into the rows. Olivia touched it and said, "That doesn't feel like real hair?" We told her no, it wasn't. She said, "I'm going to be wearing FAKE hair?!" It was so funny!!!

She really loves it though! I think it's fun for her to have hair that "flows" and moves when she does. Much different than her little afro!

In other news... Olivia is feeling better every day. Her stomach area was pretty sore today and I talked to her about the very reason that mom kept asking her yesterday to slow down, take it easy, not bend over so much, etc. She feels great in the rest of her body finally and wants to get up and go as usual. I keep reminding her that her stomach still needs a lot of healing to be back to "normal." Guess she learned that in a very real way today! And so funny... we went to her local pediatrician today for a follow up and when I told him that she was in a little more pain today he said, "A little too much activity yesterday huh?" :) It was hilarious! She and I just looked at each other and grinned! So now she at least heard it from two people and not JUST mom! LOL

Olivia is still getting oral antibiotics every eight hours (Yep, EVERY eight hours) and is getting her wound unpacked, cleaned, repacked and bandaged twice a day. She takes Tylenol with codeine about half an hour before getting it done as it HURTS. Poor thing. Monday we go to her doctors in Chicago for them to check her over as well. I'm waiting until then to ask more about swimming in Florida (we are now hoping to leave on Tuesday - supposed to have left two days ago originally), and especially about riding rides at Disney, etc. I think she's more concerned about the rides at this point than the swimming! :) Hoping it's healed even more by Monday and they'll have a good guess at what to look for to let us know when each will be ok to try.

What a trooper!


Anonymous said...


Eve said...

Awh, Olivia looks cute with her new do. But her real hair is awesome and can flow and move with her when it grows out more. Don't know if you've seen lots of hair blogs for new and pretty style ideas,
is one great site.

WHy is it that when your Mom tells you something, and then someone else says it, it then must be true. hahahaa :D I used to be like that with my Mom too, so I was laughing with you about what the pediatrician said.

Great posts, really enjoying your updates and fun days out. Have a grand weekend!

Christie said...

LOVE Olivia's new hair, and yes, she does look more mature! Beautiful...

So glad she's feeling better and wanting to get up and go! Praying for safe travel this week and that everyone would have a great time!

Will you be able to update from Disney!? Although I won't be able to follow from Monday-Saturday :(

Anonymous said...

Looks good! She is a trooper too.

Like Eve said is a great site to learn about caring for natural hair and cute styles too. I also love too.

Holly said...

She looks beautiful!! Praying for a speedy healing!

i can't believe how much older she looks! she's a real cutie!!

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