Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Fourth!!!

Today started out great and ended... well I'll save that for a separate post...

We mostly hung out at home today, which we've been doing on off time as well, I just haven't talked much about it. Today we walked a few blocks away to a neighborhood park. I'm a little concerned right now about our trip to FL with Davids. The one thing getting to me is how much he complains about the heat! I get that it's hotter here than in Latvia, but it's going to be even hotter in FL, and not even five minutes into this trip, complaining was all I heard. Seeing as we were going to go to Busch Gardens one day (Our favorite show there - Katonga - is leaving!), Magic Kingdom one day (They brought back their original light parade!), and one day at Universal (Harry Potter world... hello!) I don't know if I can do it! We may have to revamp the plan! :)

Braeden recently figured out monkey bars and now HAS to always show me how he can do them!

We went out to dinner tonight to a local buffet that the kids love. I had hoped it would help the idea they seem to have that whenever we go somewhere they need to eat, eat, eat. :) It did, they only had a few pieces of candy at the fireworks, but... well... you'll see...

We had fun hanging out while we waited for the fireworks! Played a little football, or rugby as Davids said. (Olivia kept thinking he was saying frisbee with his accent and I had to explain rugby!)

Then played with this... Do you remember this toy? I know I had one when I was little. It was from Tupperware and you would shoot a ping pong ball up and out for someone else to catch in their trumpet looking thing. Well, Liam was doing this by himself. I LOVE this picture! He shot it up and is so intent on looking for it... do you see it? On the ground already!!! LOL

They also had set up this year these great bounce house things. There were two obstacle courses and a typical house. Here Davids said, "Mom, photo when I fly." Hilarious!

They also had this "train" pulled by a tractor! They loved it!

And there were of course fireworks! Yes, this blob on me would be Liam hiding under the picnic blanket! The funniest thing was though that about halfway through he took the blanket off and all of a sudden started saying "Wow" and "Oooo"... I guess he decided they were ok after all!!!

And then, the car ride home, but like I said, that's another post... and NOT for the feint of heart!


Diane said...

Check out neck coolers. It's amazing how much more "comfortable" you can feel. That might help Davids be more comfortable in the heat.

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