Saturday, February 15, 2014

Travel Time!

We have TRAVEL DATES for our first trip to Haiti to meet Macy!

Olivia and I will be traveling March 7-22 for what's known as our two week socialization trip.  During this time we will spend time with Macy, get to know her, let her know us, and then have two government social worker visits.  That worker will essentially decide whether or not our adoption should continue as planned... no pressure! :)

I can't believe that in THREE WEEKS we will be seeing this face in person for the first time!

And then just two weeks after we'll have to leave her behind as we wait out the rest of the process! :(

But we look forward to the time we will have and are eagerly awaiting our trip!!!

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LauraBeth said...

So, so exciting. Tons of prayers for you, and Olivia, AND Miss Macy!

With love, hugs, and prayers from the Wash. DC suburbs,


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