Saturday, February 01, 2014

Birthday Time

That time just after Christmas should be a winding down from holidays, packages, festivities, but for us it's the start of two very important birthdays round these parts!

Liam's birthday was Thursday, January 31 and he turned EIGHT!

The kids get to choose whatever they would like for their special birthday dinner.  Liam played that to the hilt in choosing summer sausage, cheese, crackers, butterbeer, and "Loft*house" cookies!

I must say the butterbeer was DELICIOUS!  I've tried a few recipes, but THIS ONE seems to me to be the easiest and tastiest!

Liam was given a few gifts and was so happy for them!  This one was sent from Grandma... can you tell she hit the nail on the head? :)

We had a wonderful time celebrating!  Today we are having a small cake and ice cream get together with two friends for both boys and then next Friday is Braeden's turn!

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maureen said...

Happy Birthday to Liam and Braeden! So happy to see your post.

I hope everything is going well and you are survivng winter! You guys are getting hit harder than we are here in Kansas. It seems every storm that rolls through the midwest goes on a more Northerly tract. I can't say that I am sad for that! *Smile* Hoping we don't get more of that Polar Freeze!



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