Saturday, February 01, 2014


I have HUGE adoption news!  I have been on cloud nine for the past 24 hours!

I've been basically waiting day by day, checking my email constantly, holding my breath, just to hear that we have been "officially" given the referral of Macy from the Haitian government.

Due to adoption processes and laws in upheaval and change right now, the process for handing out referrals changed just as I had gotten mine.  Instead of the agencies/orphanages handing out referrals themselves any longer, the Haitian government (through what's called IBESR), wants to do the matching and giving out of referrals themselves.  All of the changes Haiti is implementing, though hard in the midst, are all going to be for the good in the long run and move them toward being Hague compliant.

Anyway, I knew that my dossier/paperwork was through and that our Macy's papers were signed and ready, and that we were literally just waiting for the word.

And last night I received the news that we HAVE BEEN OFFICIALLY MATCHED!

What's next?

The referral has to be translated from Creole, passed on to me, and then I have some paperwork to complete to officially accept the referral.  Once all of that is translated back to Creole and sent to Haiti (within 15 days of yesterday), then we will look at planning for our first, two week, trip to Haiti to have supervised visits.  I am just in amazement that we are so close to meeting her!

Please continue to pray!  And if you feel so led to share our story we could still use lots of prayer and some financial help as well as we prepare for this trip!

You can still view our family video here and SHARE AWAY - on Face*book, your blog, wherever!

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annieglan said...

Yay!!!! I have been waiting for this day! Well really I've been waiting for your first trip. But any good news is great to hear.

Also, I can't believe how huge Liam is!!!


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