Saturday, March 08, 2014


Well we finally arrived in Haiti to begin our two week bonding trip!  My oh my!  So much to take in!

(from the plane... I so wish this had turned out better!)

Haiti is an amazing place.  I can tell that already.  What boggles me most is that in one SHORT 1 1/2 HOUR plane trip I went from the land of opulence, waste, and "have" mentality to a land where they are struggling to get by.  Water is sold in small plastic packets for one penny.  You rip open a corner with your mouth and drink safe, clean water.  The packets litter the ground.  Streets are lined with people, people everywhere.  I so wanted to take picture upon picture as we drove from the airport to our guest house but felt that would be inappropriate... this isn't the zoo.  It was just all so amazing.

Our driver wove expertly through traffic.  I would love to see what is required to obtain a Haitian driver's license.  The only "rules" I could see was that they somewhat stayed to the right. :)  He narrowly missed people, cars, motos, you name it.  He took mostly back roads, rarely paved.  These "roads" if you can call some of them that were unpaved, hard packed dirt with rocks, huge bumps, piles of rocks sometimes sat in the midst of a road to be driven around like an obstacle course.  Many roads are in the beginning phases of repaving but you can still drive them.  If there is a steep drop from one road to another it seems it's up to your discretion to take the risk or avoid it and go another way.

(This is one of the better roads that is getting ready for pavement.)

After a few wrong houses, a game of chicken where we almost got smashed, some goats and dogs and chickens alongside the road, we finally arrived at the guest house we are staying in.  It's been wonderful!  I really thought I was not going to like being in a more "house" setting as opposed to a hotel, not to mention having no A/C, but I actually think this was better for us.  Of course God knew that!  Our host is wonderful!  We have people to see and talk to who speak English.  And we aren't stuck inside on days we have nothing to do!  This morning we walked the neighborhood with her and were able to go to The Apparent Project.  They do amazing things helping the poor of Haiti.  The make and sell wonderful items.  I had a small amount of money with me and picked up two items, but hope to go back soon for a few more!

Later after lunch we finally heard from the person overseeing the orphanage about picking us up for a short visit.  Somehow communication had been off and until Thursday eve she thought we were coming on Monday!  Luckily she found out otherwise and was ready for us.  So we were set to be picked up to visit Macy!  The time crawled by... and finally... she was here and we were on our way.

While driving I asked about what she would be told of us, and how the time would work while we were here.  She explained (which was on the same page as us for the most part) that due to not knowing when we would be back, she would be told only that we were "Godmother" and that we would really be there interacting with all of the children as well as her.  I was and am ok with that.  As hard as it will be for us to leave after two weeks, I'm an adult and know what's happening.  She is a 3 year old child who has no understanding of "parent" "mom" "family" "trust" "return" and it won't help to be told "These are your new family members" and have us leave for an extended period of time.  We will love what time we have.  We will get to know her the best we can.  We will be strong.

She is a doll.  She is bossy.  She pouts to get her way.  She is SO SMART.  She loved my glasses.  Loved Olivia's hand sanitizer and passed it out to everyone.  Showed us her room and top bunk.  Found a way to keep the doll brush another little girl was trying to take... she would brush her doll's hair and then sit on the brush!  Priceless!

(Hand sanitizer making the rounds.)

We loved meeting her and the others today and can't wait to go back Monday!


Molly said...

She is SO SO SO cute and I am SO aching for Haiti right now. I miss it SO much. It is insane how much things change in the short plane ride. Did your driver use his horn like a blinker? It seemed to me that everyone used a horn to say "I'm coming through the intersection. I'm passing you. I'm coming around the corner, etc". Are you near the Apparent Project? I visited it on a weekend and was able to get gifts for people. It's a great place!

SO thrilled for you and oh man do I miss Haiti.

Lisa said...

Molly - yes! I loved it! They didn't use the horn out of anger like we Americans do but as a signal, so great! :) We went to Apparent Project yesterday. Bought two things but HOPING I can go back as I want a few more! :)

Katie said...

I am so excited for you! I think it is awesome that you took Olivia with you. Can't wait to read more!

I love reading your adventures and know exactly what you mean about all your observations. Makes me smile. Praying for everything

Molly said...

Oh yeah, I see you mentioned going there in the post, duh. But are you guys staying near it? If I recall correctly it's outside of PAP?

Lisa said...

Molly, yes we are within walking distance outside PAP :) Going back tomorrow!!!

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