Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Favorites

Some ideas this week which were created with homemade Mod Podge... another Pinterest idea!

*** Someone pointed out to me (Hi MOM!) that I haven't always posted the recipes/links lately for some of my Saturday Favorites (she was specifically interested in the YUMMY and healthy muffins!).  You can find any ideas that are from Pinterest by clicking the Pinterest (P) link at the top of the right sidebar and going to the "boards" there.  The muffins are on the "Being Healthy" board. :)  Mod Podge can be found on Craft Ideas.

Up first... homemade Mod Podge itself!

Super easy - one part glue and one part water...

I used this to stick on my homemade/printed HoneyDukes candy store label for the HoneyDukes window display I'm working on for my classroom.

And then for this wooden "sign" I made for my living room.  I have pieces of wood hanging around right now for a few projects I'm working on, and this was a spare piece.  I first painted it orange, leaving some blank where I knew scrapbook paper would be going.

Then I glued on the paper I had chosen and on top of that glued a cut out of Haiti in a different pattern of paper.  Leaving room on the side, I used scrapbook stickers to write out the verse John 14:18.

On top of it all, I used umber paint and water to give the piece an "old" look.

And it was ready to hang!

The perfectionist in me has since removed the cross sticker as I felt it didn't "fit".  I also would love to move the 'John 14:18' portion to the top of the piece, but I think that's opening a can of worms so I'm going to leave it as is.  I like it! :)

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