Saturday, August 04, 2012

Saturday Favorites

A few really good great ideas to share with you today!

This first is one I've seen on Pinterest cycled around a lot.  It's touted as a low cal/fat chocolate chip muffin.  I had my doubts, but they sure LOOKED good!

So I gathered my ingredients.  I must say that I did not buy the sugar substitute.  We didn't have any and I didn't know if I'd use the rest so I used regular sugar.  So mine weren't QUITE as healthy, but still, the majority is made with oats, applesauce, egg whites, and yogurt!

 I do not have a fancy blender.  There.  I said it.  I have a cheap-o an inexpensive one.  So... due to the fact that the ingredients are all put int he blender, and they almost filled it, and due to the fact that it's not real strong, my mix didn't get blended all the way through.  Just the bottom portion blended and then I poured it into a bowl and whisked away.

Turned out fine, but only because I had put the oats in the bottom and then the rest... the oats are really what needs to be blended/ground up.  So the rest whisked together just fine.

Then it's poured into 24 mini cupcake cups or 12 large.  Or so it says.  I actually did 18 medium size ones.  With the sugar sub. (remember I used sugar though) 24 minis are only 54 cals each!   

After baking and slightly cooled is the BEST time to try them! :)  They were SO SO SO SO SO good!  VERY tasty!  I'm now dying to try them with the substitute and see how it compares!  

Another Pinterest "tip" I've seen and decided I needed to try, it's easy, and it's basically free/low cost since I have vinegar.  There are quite a bunch of vinegar uses I've found through Pinterest and have now added this one to the mix.

Dishwasher cleaner!

Simply fill a dishwasher safe cup/container with vinegar, place on the top rack in the middle, and run through the hottest cycle.


And finally... another favorite of mine!  Have I mentioned the local FB page I frequent that is a huge online garage sale?  We actually have two I watch regularly and sell on as well!  This was posted and I happened to be online at the time...

You might think, yeah?  So?  Stupid little shelf?!  But... it was listed at $2... yes $2 and I thought it was a typo!  But it wasn't.  It's pretty large, about 2 feet tall.  And... I knew just where it should go and what it should be used for!  

Liam had a big open space on one of the walls in his room.  (Still kind of bare but this is a start) and we have a little obsession  favorite thing in those plastic molded figures you can find at zoos and museums.  (A cheap and fun memento!)

It's a start at least!  And for $2... it's PERFECT!

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