Saturday, January 08, 2011


Davids, whom you may remember, we hosted from Latvia this summer for five weeks.

I wasn't saying much until things were completed, but after advocating hard for him this summer while he was here, to find a forever family, we thought we had found one. A great one. One where the husband flew to Florida while we were there, just for a day, to spend time with him, to get to know him, and help the decision of whether or not to make him a part of their family.

Another family also came forward during this time and while we were in Orlando, the mom came to visit us another day. Each of them came on the pretense of being a "friend of the family". We were not to discuss adoption in ANY way with or around our hosted children. Many of them do go on to be adopted by their host families, but many don't for various reasons. Either way, the biggest rule is that adoption is NOT discussed with or around them. There have been kids that, with their limited English, have just overheard the word in a passing conversation, was not even in relation to them, but based on just that word, they went home telling everyone they were going to be adopted, and that was NOT the case. Even if someone does intend to pursue adoption, there are times when things happen and they are unable to do so.

The first family who visited Davids, was intending to adopt. I've been waiting and waiting for the day when I heard the official word that it was "done" and I could spread the good news. Plus, he would have only been three hours away from us! It seemed too good to be true. That was in July. And all this time, New Horizons and I both thought that they were adopting him. In fact, they WERE going forward with the adoption.

You see, the other major component in this is the fact that in JUST two weeks from NOW, Davids will turn 16. And in Latvia, once you are 16 you are not eligible to be adopted. I don't pretend to know WHY this law is in place, but it is. As if to say, sorry, you're too old, you're done now. These children leave the orphanage, most end up on the street, few "make it."

And today, today I received a message from New Horizons that just yesterday they found out that this family is now not going through with adopting Davids. Now?! Now!? He has TWO WEEKS. Two!!! And the second family who came to visit him in FL? Today when she heard of this she could not believe it either! She enjoyed him and "wanted" him so badly. And they do not have a homestudy. And they do not have USCIS approval. And for this to work out for Davids, a family has to have both and be in a position to file their I800 in the NEXT TWO WEEKS: BEFORE Davids turns 16.

My. Heart. Is. Breaking.

God, where oh where is your plan? I pray HARD that it is revealed in all Your majesty, and quickly!

Please join us in prayer over this situation! This child who has no family!


Holly said...

oh Lisa, I will pray. So heartbreaking and difficult to understand.
God does have a plan.
Please keep me posted.

ashleypmo said...

Standing in prayer with you. This boy is on my heart.

Sherry White said...

Praying Lisa! I've been posting on my blog and Fb about Davids' situation, as well as just emailing all of this info to my social worker, in hopes that she may know of someone who would be ready to step out for the sake of this beautiful boy. Holding fast to God's promise in Jeremiah 29:11!

Lora said...

I just read Davids story this morning on another blog. I posted it to facebook, but I don't know what else to do. How awful that he has only two weeks!! Is there any way he could be sponsored for a Vis after turning 16?

Clay and Tanya said...


Can you send me an email? I'd like to chat privately about Davids.)

Thank you!


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