Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Well, today was interesting. Olivia has been laying on the couch all day recooping and had an awesome naptime. Olivia seems to be fine which is great, but I feel like I keep "waiting" ... waiting for another round, waiting for her to say she's shaking, waiting for doctors... oh those doctors sometimes...

Finally at 11:30 this morning I called the nurse with out neuro doctor. She said they had just finished talking and had decided to have Olivia do an overnight EEG next week. Ummm... WHAT!? I say why wasn't this done last night then when we were there?! She said that they agreed and our doctor doesn't understand why she wasn't admitted. Then why didn't he CALL them and TELL them that!? She went on to say that they did up her meds yesterday, right? I said, no, nothing was decided and we were told to wait. I asked what an overnight EEG would mean and was told that I would need to bring her in between 11 and 2pm depending on their schedule (remember over an hour drive on our part too) and then stay with her overnight. SO, I took yesterday off work, today off work, an EEG could have been done last night but wasn't, so in addition to the day off I already have next Thursday for Liam's neuro appt I would need to take two MORE days off!!!??? I was almost crying on the phone.

Don't get me wrong... I will do whatever it takes to help Olivia! BUT, each day I take off is one less sick day I have to use for "regular" sicknesses which usually use up ALL my sick days, PLUS this year I'm trying to save days to use for our adoption. Which means essentially MORE money.

She said she'd talk to the doctor again and see...

Half an hour later she called back to say that they would just go ahead and (slightly) increase her meds back to what they had been and then just continue with the "regular" EEG that was already scheduled for her next Thursday at the kids' appt.

So it's back to school and work tomorrow. My friend who watches Liam said she could get Olivia if needed. Because that's my fear, that it will all start up again tomorrow...

Times like these, we could all use some kisses from Spiderman...

And lots of prayers...

*** Update ***

Around 5 tonight Olivia was sitting in the kitchen and said her legs were "starting again." I sent her to her bed to lay down - that connection is weird to me - and five minutes later she was fine again. Then about 6 they started once again and are still going strong 2 hours later. She needed help walking to the bathroom and can barely get her feet to move under her. I sent her to bed hoping the sleep will help (she isn't well rested at night due to her seizure activity in the brain). Praying!


maureen said...

I am sitting here feeling exhausted for you. I feel your pain, especially worrying about all the time off. I am praying for Olivia's recovery, for God to guide the doctors to find something concrete. I am with you on the sitting part...are her legs very long? Could she be sitting at a bad angle when she is at the dining table? I wonder if it is a pinched nerve that could be causing the numbness?

Hope today is a better day for everyone.

Just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you all. Hope you get some answers soon.

Sara said...

Oh my goodness! I am praying for you all. Please keep us posted...maybe an overnight EEG wouldn't be a bad idea? (Even if it's a day late and a dollar short---grrr. I have no faith in doctors.)

Lisa, we just returned home from our Mexico trip and I'm getting caught up on blogs...I can't imagine how exhausted and frustrated you are. I will be praying for you, your precious daughter and your boys.

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