Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cracking Me Up

Braeden is a never-ending flow of things to say. Often sensitive things based on feelings that someone is hurt or hurting. Sometimes quite educated things about words or life. And occasionally, those hilarious kid-only things that you just have to chuckle at! Yesterday he gave us one of the sensitive/educated ones and another hilarious one this morning...

Last night I picked up Liam from the home day care he's at while we're all at school. Braeden and Olivia were waiting in the car, and when we got there Liam HAD to show them the scratch on his neck. Immediately Braeden asked him, "Liam what happened, how did your neck get scratched?"

Liam: "*P* did it." (his friend at day care)

Braeden: "Liam, you need to forgive your friend." and "Liam, he's your friend, forgive him!" and "Liam, just forgive your best friend." and "Liam tomorrow you need to tell him you forgive him."

I just couldn't believe what I was hearing. Braeden went on and on for about 15-20 minutes, with Liam saying no each time. :) The teacher/mom in me wanted so much to turn around and say, "Braeden, maybe you should remember that sometime when you're so upset with someone." But the mom/keeper of my children's hearts in me said nothing and allowed my kids to minister to one another. I loved what I was hearing. Olivia even got in on it at one point trying to explain to Liam that what Braeden was saying was that tomorrow he should go to day care and forgive *P* for what happened.

What a moment!

Then this morning, a funny thing from Braeden.

Out of the blue... Braeden said, "Mom, will *K*'s name go away?"

And, sadly enough I knew EXACTLY what he was talking about right away. I said, "Yes, Braeden."

Braeden: "When we get married *K*'s last name will go away?"

LOL Me: "Yes Braeden."

I was dying inside! He is HOOKED on the idea that my friend's daughter and he and are going to someday be married. Hilarious!!! And how or why he ever thought to ask about her last name changing is beyond me - so funny!

Love that boy!

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