Saturday, September 25, 2010

Some Updates

Braeden - Upon doing a little research, and I know I have MUCH to learn, I've seen things about Bipolar that make me think he is NOT. I've also seen things about how rages can happen in children with severe ADHD and that stimulant based meds, which his is, can make these even worse and more pronounced. Prior to his starting meds, he would, on occasion, have times where he would yell and say some fairly mean things including how he was going to run away, to myself or a caretaker. These lasted usually 15-20 minutes and were controllable.

Of course in the moment of his more recent rages I really didn't put two and two together, but my dad helped with that as we were talking the other day and he talked of Braeden's couple of rage/tantrums he had with them while we were in FL this summer. What is happening now is similar, but now lasts 1-3 HOURS, are MUCH more verbally aggressive, and are now also physically aggressive. In addition, perhaps because his meds DO work in that they help him focus and "lose" much of the let out of energy we are used to seeing in him nonstop, I wonder if it's not bottled up so to speak and coming out in these times of rage.

I have also read from other parents how sometimes milk allergies show up as "wildness" and overwhelming energy and how dyes can affect certain children. I am going to leave dyes alone for now and try not giving him milk this week to see what happens. Certainly can't hurt, and if we stumble upon something positive all the better. I did stop his meds today and am calling Monday to see if we can get in or just get his meds switched to something non-stimulant based.

Olivia - We had another leg incident this morning. This time instead of it lasting 3-4 minutes, it was over 20!!! I called her contact in the neuro dept and left a message. I know she won't get it until Monday and decided that if we had another long time again I would call an on-call worker. I don't think there's anything they'd do anyway except bring her in for an EEG this week possibly. Since our appt is scheduled for Oct 7 I'm not sure now if they'll wait or ask to see her sooner. If sooner I may see if they could get Liam in too so we wouldn't have to take two days off work, but I will do whatever needs to be done!

And I'll leave you with a cute picture... Percy came to my school the last couple hours of the day one day this week. When I stopped at Liam's day care to pick him up I brought Percy in to "visit" and Liam HAD to be "the helper" and walk him out! It was too cute! :) They all love him so much!!!


Mom said...

Praying you get some answers on Braeden and Olivia. You definitely have your plate full.
The puppy is cute.

Regarding the rages... please don't discount/forget the spiritual side of them. When he starts, start praying in the name of Jesus. It will likely escalate at this point- which will tell you you are on the right track. Don't stop praying until it's done.

Pray over his room, his things, his bed, etc. ... with some annointing oil if you have it.

And yes on the food allergy thing as well. My sister saw this (raging/meaness) with her son... she took him off of milk and he literally got sick for a week (proof he was allergic). If he even has a bite of something now with dairy, he will be ill/act out.

Lisa said...

Thanks Kim, that's definitely something I've not been great at as I get caught up in the moment of it all. We bought a bunch of casein and milk free items today to work our way through the week. I think it'll be good, but am seeing the only downfall being when others have pizza or ice cream and he has something else instead. I bought him Haagen Daas sorbet today which he loved, but then wanted the ice cream the other kids had too. So that can be a challenge, but we're getting there! Definitely pricey!!!

You can buy coconut icecream or rice icecream...even chocolate flavored! There is also veggie cheese you can buy that is casein free. (two of our kids are on the gfcf diet).

Lisa said...

Oooo... I'll look for those, thanks for the tip, we don't have ice cream much, but of course when we do... :) Thank you!

Christie said...

Continuing to pray for you Lisa.

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