Monday, December 15, 2008

Extreme Craft Night

Well, I did a great job through the spring and summer of keeping up with my plan of having a craft night each week. But, this fall and into the winter we easily got away from it. The stress and business of the first weeks of school were enough to do it, and then getting back into the swing of things just didn't take place. Last night was hopefully the start of it again. I had a couple things I've been wanting to do with them before Christmas and we piled three into one evening. And that was after I made almost 50 cookies, 4 different kinds, to package and give away to the kids' five teachers as Christmas gifts. :) I felt like we got a lot accomplished yesterday!

The first thing we made was using Model Magic from Crayola. I LOVE this stuff!!! It's easy, not messy at all like playdough can be, and will air dry to a somewhat firm consistency. I made a snowman to give them an idea of what they could do, but let them choose their own project. Liam pretty much just played with it and I ended up making him a snake which he played with a long time. Braeden tried different things but is at an "I can't do it" phase and nothing he made was good enough for him. He ended up with a cookie! :) And Olivia made a snowman on a sled, very cute!

Next we decorated their Christmas ornaments. Each year I get them one ornament each reflecting something from the year. Since we have done a lot of crafts this year, I made it a craft ornament. We bought unfinished wooden ones and they colored them. They loved it!

And finally, a letter to Santa. We actually have never done this before. :( They each wrote/decorated a letter and we placed them inside a metal "tube" I have that says "Letters to Santa". I told them that during the night the letters would whisk themselves away to Santa. Braeden said we should use a mailbox, but I told him I thought this was faster. :) They were amazed this morning to find them gone! :)

Yesterday after church we went out to eat. We had gotten free kids buffet coupons the day before at a foster care party we attended. Well, at the table across from us sat an older couple. The gentleman looked exactly like Santa! He even happened to be wearing a red shirt with his pants and sneakers. The kids didn't really notice until he was speaking with a waiter and started laughing. Or should I say "Ho, ho, ho- ing". I was cracking up inside. Olivia's eyes bugged out and she was giggling and pointing at "Santa." Braeden thought it wasn't him since he had sneakers on! But I said he probably only wore his boots when there was snow. They were ogling him like crazy! Even Liam waved which was huge for him. At one point I had gotten up to get something and he smirked at me and said, "They haven't noticed anything have they?" and I laughed back and said, "I have no idea what you're talking about." Another table of adults was laughing too. It was so funny to see the kids. They just could NOT get over it! They wanted to see what his car looked like but I said maybe his reindeer and sleigh were on the roof! Well that about sent them over the edge! They wanted to hurry up so they could get outside before they left and see the sleigh! Before they did leave, he came over and touched my arm and wished me a Merry Christmas! It was too funny! And he gave some more great ho, ho, hos on the way. The gentleman had a cane and Olivia couldn't believe it. She said, "I had no idea Santa walked with one of those!" Oh my! I wish I could have captured it all on video! Too funny!!!

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