Monday, October 06, 2008

Odds and Ends

Some updates, random as ever...

Liam's best interest termination hearing - still scheduled for October 21. I will be testifying in front of his bio dad. The agency asked about having him be out of the court room for my testimony, but he will be staying. They did contact the state's atty and Liam's GAL about not using my last name. Bio dad is in jail for sometime and has a pretty violent past. I really don't want him to even know what I look like, but I guess that's unavoidable. Scared? Yes. But, I know God will be there and has His hand in all of this. I am confident in Him.

Olivia's bedwetting... She has wet the bed every night since she came to live with me at 3 1/2. Once she turned 7 and nothing was still changing in that area, I asked her doctors about a nasal spray I had heard of through a yahoo group. Her doctors spoke with urologists, and while the nasal spray works immediately, there is only a 15% rate of success once the child is weaned off of it. They thought she instead was a candidate for an alarm system and wanted her to come in and have a clinic appointment with them to get her started. Well, as a single, full-time working parent, who uses up all her sick days every year and ends up taking sick days without pay every year, I really didn't want to "spend" a day's pay on taking her there to be looked at and put on an alarm system, when I've read up on these and could buy and implement my own for a third of the cost of me taking a day off. So that's what I did.

We began the alarm system a little over a week ago. It consists of a small transmitter which you place inside a panty liner in her underwear. There is then a cord (you can buy a cordless version but it's a lot more expensive) which runs out of the underwear, under her Pajama top, out the neck and hooks there into a small "box" velcroed to her shoulder. Once a small amount of moisture (your fingertips themselves can set it off just holding it) reaches the transmitter, it sets off a beeping. It's loud enough to wake her, but not terrible. My room is right next to hers so I left both of our doors open. The first week it was like I had an infant again. My body was just waiting for that alarm to go off. Talk about exhausting. It got better after a few days.

The first night she woke three times, and the next few it was from 1-3. I have two transmitters, so I would have one ready and she could do that herself when she woke up. Her unders were wet, though the bed wasn't soaked, and she went some on the toilet too then. She would put on a whole new pair ready with transmitter. Last Thursday night she only woke once and her underwear were dry. Friday night she made it all the way through the night - dry!!! And then the same Saturday night!!! Sunday night we were back to one time, but her underwear were dry! We are making progress! She is proud. I am proud. And I'm so glad it's working.

Braeden... his preschool teacher told me I may have to start buying crackers for the class??? I asked why and she said because she gives out crackers for correct answer to questions, and he answers them all!! lol! She said she can't believe how sometimes it seems he's not even paying attention and then he still knows the answer! :) That's my boy! :)


Torina said...

That is so excellent that the alarm has been improving the wetting! I am so happy for you and Olivia!

jendabi said...

Olivia should feel very proud! Hard work for both of you,but sounds like it's working very well!
And Braeden sounds like he's doing great!

As a late comer to your blog, I admittedly haven't read up on everything put the bedwetting item caught my eye as it seems to be something that runs in this family. Whether hereditary or not it's just an observation. But, an odd solution came for my brother in the form of a slightly salty snack just before bedtime which in a small way dehydrated him enough to not wet the bed.

Regardless it just seems like there is that "one" thing that works for each person and Yea Yea that maybe this is Olivia's. Congratulations for her and for you.

Here's to Braeden's brilliant achievements. What a smartie smartie!!

I will keep you in my prayers as you enter court on 10/21, I am sure you will have a good angel on your shoulder.


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