Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hello From Out of Town!

Hi all! We are out of town this weekend, about 2 1/2 hours northwest of our hometown, for a surprise party for my grandmother's 90th birthday!!! My parents flew in Friday night to surprise her even more, and we drove here on Saturday for the party that day. We stayed overnight and will again tonight. (I just discovered that our hotel has this computer for guests to use, so grandma is with the kiddos as they watch Herbie on Disney in their PJs and hopefully drift off to sleep while I'm here.

We've had a great weekend catching up with family and friends!!! I love seeing them and always wish that we were closer! :( They are all so wonderful with the kids: so welcoming and open. And I love spending time with our newest member, my cousin's daughter born this spring.

Last night was a bit scary as Liam had another one of his "episodes" (Can read HERE if you don't know what I'm talking about.) We had had only one other since then, until now, BUT I think I MAY have an answer??? I think that he is an EXTREMELY heavy sleeper. My guess/hypothesis is that each time something has made him upset while sleeping: nightmare, upset stomach, whatever, and that when I went to pick him up to comfort him he was EXTREMELY hard to wake??? That is the ONLY thing I can figure out. I really don't think it's a seizure anymore, but I just don't know. He was more alert last night so I did not call 911, though I was highly tempted and being so tired went to my parents' room to get their opinion/help. I just was scared more than anything and didn't know what to do for sure. But we watched him and waited until he was "fine." And then he slept on the queen size bed between Braeden and I ! (Do you think I got much sleep????) Naw!

We're heading back tomorrow and I have some cute pics to upload. Hopefully tonight will be uneventful. :) Pleasant dreams!


ali said...

sounds like night terrors! freaky huh? it is the hardest thing, but they do outgrow it, from what i heard. maybe thats whats going on?

I read the original post- those all sound like a seizure to me. Especially the part where you said it looked like there was something in the mouth which was white- frothing at the mouth is common in seizures. Children can have 'lesser' seizures where they 'zone-out' rather than getting the vigorous convulsions of some seizures. These can progress (and often do) to more serious seizures in a fairly short amount of time. I would seriously advise you to get on top of this. And if I were you I would also install some kind of breathing alarm in his cot/bed where he sleeps. Seizures can be fatal and you just dont want to take that risk. Especially as you may not hear ANYTHING. You can buy those breathing things for a reasonable price as part of a baby monitor, I have seen these before. But please, please, take him to the doctors and get this confirmed and (if necessary) get him on treatment for it.

Julie said...

Sounds like fun-- that Liam- that sounds scarey- I can't imagine what that is- but I hope it is not a big deal.

Lisa said...

mama lioness... Thanks for your concern! I am guessing you haven't read what has happened since the first occurance of this a year ago. We have been to doctors, neurologists, had EEGs, etc. They can't find ANYTHING and the neurologist is having me keep an eye on it, filling him in if anything happens. I share your concern, especially as Olivia was diagnosed with a seizure disorder last year and hers is the full out shaking type. I was the one to go to the doctors with the seizure diagnosis for Liam myself, the ER (twice), and his pediatrician didn't even mention the possibility. So we are trying to get it figured out!!! :) Thanks :)

Sorry :) No I had only read those two posts about it. I have been reading your blog the last few months so I wasnt aware. Its good that you've had all the tests, but it must be frustrating/scary that they havent been able to confirm anything. If you think they are seizures then trust your own judgement. You know your son better than anyone :). I really hope it gets worked out soon- or even better, resolves itself and never comes back ;) Best wishes.

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