Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Agency

Today my licensing worker from my new agency came to the house. I had called last week to remind her that we would be home from vacation Sunday and said that today would be a good day for her to see the house since she hadn't yet. She agreed and remembered she still hadn't sent out the reference letters to my 3 references yet. I have had to call and get the paperwork, stop by to remind her I needed to sign a release for them to get my file from my current agency, etc. I hope that this is not a sign of things to come, but just a busy licensing worker. She has been more than gracious each time I've spoken to her and has apologized up and down each time, but still...

Anyway, we agreed she would come today, but a time was never set. So, I called this morning and left her a voice mail asking what time so that I could plan our day. She called back and apologized, she had forgotten. She said she would come by at 10:30am. Her coming today was probably the biggest reason I wanted to clean and organize the past two days. I had planned on using those two days to get inside things done, working outside today with Braeden and Girlie. (My front gutter is overgrown with baby trees!!!)

It's crazy with thunderstorms today and when my licensing worker came, she walked in, sat at the table, and related how much pain she was in today. She apologized and said she wouldn't be looking around at the house, dropped off papers, and that was about it. EXCEPT - I told her what the bedroom situation was so she would know. The first thing she said was, I have four and five year old brothers who need an adoptive home. !!!!! Wow.

Sadly my first thought was, "What is 'wrong' with them?" Those ages seem young to not have a home for them as an adoptive placement. Do they have attachment issues, behaviors, etc??? But, if they are foster and not terminated, then they wouldn't have actively sought outside of their agency, I know boys are typically harder to place, and they are AA which is also harder to place a lot of times sadly. I at first thought I don't think so. I really had my heart set on another baby, but maybe this is God. As someone said in a recent post, maybe my "bandwith" needs to be expanded to meet God's plan for my life. I would definately be interested in hearing more about them and even meeting them. I talked to Braeden who of course was thrilled to think about two boys his age, but does he completely understand what it would mean in sharing his toys, room, mom, with two his age??? Probably not. It's definately a prayer request. We also don't have room in our car for two kids this age. I am wanting a new one but was looking at getting one next summer, not now, though we could. I know that if they are my children then the timing of my switch to this agency, and everything going along with this, has been orchestrated in ways I could never know and believe that it will work out perfectly. My thoughts now are with them and if we are not their forever family, I pray that they find theirs soon and get stability.


Rebecca said...

It may be God! The first call we received after we switched agencies was for our girls! I will pray for wisdom for you!

Emily said...

Wow I will praying, thats a big decision. I wanted babies both times we adopted and yet God sent us 1 baby, 3 toddlers and 1 older child. I have learned to expect the unexpected :)

Julie said...

Wow- This is exciting!! God is BIG- and who knows what HE is up to? I wish I did- but then again- maybe not- I am praying for the boys and for your heart. You know babies are tough on a single mom! Maybe God is protecting you?? But goodness- think of all the smelly boys! ha! WOW! I am excited for you.

Jess said...

That is exciting! I will be praying for wisdom in it all!

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