Monday, June 30, 2008


So, I think I'm in the market for a new vehicle. I was going to wait and save up until next summer to get a new car, now I'm not so sure. First because there are some great interest rates right now, and even though I hope to save a lot this year with no other debt beside the mortgage, I still will have some financing. And second, because I don't think my van is going to make it through another year. Right before we left to come back from FL it started sounding pretty rough and continues each time it's driven. It scares me that I'm going to have to fork over a bunch more money for it, and also because we still have one more road trip this summer, would probably drive to FL at Christmas, and then will have a road trip next summer though could maybe get the new vehicle before that.

So, I've been researching and looking and thinking. I really don't want another minivan, because I think it's going to be outgrown very soon. It's crowded with 4. We can sometimes fit one more in the back but it has to be a certain size car seat to squish and is still hard. The next size up would probably be an 8 passenger. That would make room for 6 in the back, possibly, depending on car seats. I'll be so glad in another year or so when Olivia is out of a car seat. But, then we'd have to still take two cars with friends to go anywhere.

So, I've really been thinking about a larger passenger van. That leaves Ford, Chevy, GMC, and Dodge. The more I look and research, I think the best is the Dodge Sprinter. You think maybe you don't know this car, but I bet you do. It's the one that they have on Jon and Kate Plus 8. Dodge makes a 10 passenger gas or 12 passenger Diesel. It is made by Mercedes and supposedly has better gas mileage and handles more like a car than it's competition. BUT, it's also quite a bit more expensive, and I emailed our Dodge dealer just to ask about them and if there was a way to get one a year old and what cost would be, they replied that they're "out." How are you out of a car? That cracks me up, but ok. I've also been emailing with someone at Ford. They can get a good deal on a 2008 12 passenger with low mileage and extended warranty to either 75,000 or 100,000 miles. I'm thinking about it, but just think this is where I'm being led.

Financially I can still pay way more than the payment and hopefully pay it off quickly. My credit card is paid off. My car is paid off this month, so will be a full downpayment. And my student loan is almost paid off. Such a good feeling. I want something safe to drive my kids in. My only hesitation is gas prices right now. BUT, I've talked to some people who actually get better gas mileage than there minivan because it was old and not up to par. I'm hoping that's how my experience will go as well. :) Thoughts, comments, experiences, advice???


MJ said...

If you are looking at big passenger vans, check out hte chevy express. We have a crew to haul around, so we got the 15 passenger and checked out the dodge ram, the ford ecoline and the chevy express. By far the chevy was the easiest to drive and didnt feel like i was driving a 15 passenger van and was very smooth. They have them in 12 as well!

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