Friday, May 30, 2008


God has done it, as I knew He would. J received the "more" official call today at 4:30pm. The supervisor and cw will meet with her on Monday to discuss the details and history of Girlie, and then as soon as we return they will begin preplacement visits, transitioning her to J's home by July 15th.

The caseworker came for her monthly home visit tonight and gave me the good news. (Although J had already called me as soon as she was off the phone.) The cw also told me that she spoke with Liam's bio mom about my wanting to allow visits, pictures, etc and she said mom had such a look of relief and joy on her face. His mom said, "So I will get to see him again???" The cw really made a point to tell her a lot of it would be in her court as to how things progressed. If she was safe, appropriate, etc it would progress to a pretty open adoption with a few visits a year, if not then we may be sticking more to pictures and letters, but that I would always be open to communication between them. The cw even said, though I'm not going to get my hopes up, that she thinks mom may even be prepared to sign over rights rather than go through all the hoops to take them away, now that she knows I'm not going to just close off ties. That would be nice. I think too that that would really show him in the future that she wanted what was best for him.

What a nice home visit. :)


Torina said...

Wooo hoooo!!! Yeah! That is GREAT news about Girlie and J!

As for the TPR, in my experience, being willing to have an ongoing open relationship with birthmom usually ends up with bmom doing a voluntary. Especially once the court sets a TPR date. The mom gets more control over contact if they make the relinquishment. But you probably already know this. Just wanted to chime in with something positive :)

Jess said...

What a great idea, that is so wonderful for you guys to be willing to do that.

It will give Liam a bit of his history and it may hep her keep her life together a little more since she has hope of seeing him again.

Wow a great ministry opportunity.

Julie said...

I AM SO HAPPY FOR GIRLIE!!!!! I have had such a heavy heart for her- I am so so so sooooooo glad she will get to be with J and continue her relationships with your family!!! That is so good. And good news on Liam too!! Have a great weekend!

Emmy said...

i still dotn understand what CW stands for. ill ask my friend. she adopted. but go girlie! :D

Runergirl said...

That is wonderful news!!!

Sara said...

Wow. God worked at the last possible moment, but He did it. That is amazing. I am so relieved.

You know, I feel like a total bumblehead because I thought that you had already adopted Liam...

Haven't you had him for a long time now? I know. I am naive.


Julie said...

Hey- I how was the meeting??? I know your in florida now but just hoping you would fill us in... ;)
ya'll have fun!

Brandi said...

Yeah. . I was thinking the same thing Jess said that this is also a HUGE ministry opportunity at the same time.. I love how you allow God to determine your journey with His best in mind not just for what's easy in your family, but for your children's history and for the bmom and her healing!

What an inspiration you are! I'm tahknful to watch your journey!


Brandi said...

PS. . if you put the adoption journal RLC badge in this post somewhere. .it can be fed into the RLC feed for others to read and also we can update others to be praying for you in specific areas in the community updates section!


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