Thursday, May 15, 2008

Social Ramifications

So if you haven't seen the lead story on yahoo this morning, check it out...
Yahoo Story

This blows my mind. I'm sure there are more details to this than what is being presented, but basically this is the focus. And this is what is being reported across the country based on my Googling of it.

HIV is NOT spread through saliva. Check this out: How HIV is Spread This case is now outwarding telling the public, who are mostly uninformed as it is, that HIV is something to be feared. That it can be spread easily. That many with HIV are trying to deliberately spread the disease.

I'm all for punishment when due. If he was being arrested for something wrong, he should be punished. If he was assalting the officer by hitting, kicking, fighting, he should be punished. But spitting, with or without HIV is NOT something that should be punished by 35 YEARS in jail. Come on, what are we saying here???

Finally, upon "researching" this story online in the five minutes I took, I found a question posted on Yahoo. The question was saying that HIV can't be passed this way and asking if others thought this was too high a price as well. The answers given by most of the responders (approx. 17) were just chilling. They made me fear for Olivia and our family in a way I hadn't before. Very scary.
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Julie said...

WOW- that is crazy- I have to say that yes- most people are not up on their facts regarding HIV- I would not have known that had I not read your blog- and I am a pretty educated woman. I pray your family doesn't get this type of ignorance slammed upon you!

Runergirl said...

That is insane!!!! I can't believe that in this day and age people would actually believe that lie and punnish someone for something they have no control over. I am so sorry!

Holly said...

Hi Lisa!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love yours too. What ADORABLE kids you have!!! The HIV story IS insane. Total injustice. Ignorance. ugh! Here we go- time to educate some more- to anyone who will listen... HIV is not spread through spit people, it just isn't!! Spit is gross but not a transmitter of HIV! (sigh) I hate that this publicity will further spread fear and panic!
Let's stand together for the cause of EDUCATING the public about the TRUTHS of HIV!!!

Emmy said...

wow. that scares me. i dont know anyone who has HIV or tested possitive, but it still scares me. almost a paranoia. but what the heck. i rea;lly wish there was a cure for this.. that guy SHOULD have been sent to a hospital NOt a prision. but he still did attempt to pass on his HIV to the officer. he knew what he was doing. i wonder if the officer was being s jerk-off or just doing his job. iff the HIV guy is really the hard haerted criminal they make him out to be. i guess we'll never know.

Jess said...

that is so sad...I don't understand people. I pray that you are surrounded by people who are smarter that the others in that article.

Brandi said...

Crazy! I'm so sad about that. . especially people's responses. That just breaks my heart.


Brandi said...

PS Have you seen for helping educate families, provide relational support and help get HIV + kids get adopted!


Amy said...

Wow. I fear for my child too. The hatred was so evident in what those individual wrote. It breaks my heart. I know that education is the key- but you have to want to be educated and that is what scares me- they won't see past their hatred and fear to learn.

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