Wednesday, September 05, 2007


We spent the equipment voucher yesterday! :) Girlie has a new white crib that turns into a toddler day bed (we're putting it up as a day bed to start actually), crib mattress, convertible 5-40 lb car seat, crib mattress pad, two white crib sheets, a cute purple very soft blanket, and 6 boxes of diapers!!! :) I bought her a Pottery Barn Kids toddler quilt and crib skirt on ebay, but new, for cheap and it looks so cute! Haven't gotten it yet, but it has deep pinks like the walls in their room, white and green. I also have a PBK dark pink and white gingham sheet and the two new plain white ones. We (Braeden and I ! ) put together the day bed tonight, but then I put on a guard rail, it just looked too high off the ground. So far so good, she hasn't tried to get out or anything. :) The car seat is great, it fits so much better! I love equipment vouchers! :)

I emailed Braeden's preschool teacher asking about his assignment and she emailed back that she would just say something simple such as "Who lives at your house?" They would then write a name on an apple to put on their family tree. She thanked me for the email saying that she needed to really start thinking more of family dynamics now a days since it's not leave it to beaver. It was funny. I'm glad that's "solved." :)

My class, I pine for my kids. I wonder what their future holds. We tried a "simple" addition game today. They were in three groups of two, went to the board one group at a time to complete a problem. The first group, NO CLUE. I mean, we're talking 2 + 3, literally. I told them they could write out the problem, or draw a picture to solve it. They started drawing pictures. I mean, really, drawing pictures. One was drawing a boy, the other started drawing the ground and sky. Oh. My. Gosh. My assistant and I role played for them how to solve the problems on the board- writing the problem "normally" or drawing dots or lines - they still had a VERY hard time with even 1 + 2. NO CLUE. The other two pairs were much better, but still had a hard time. I just feel like I'm treading water, spinning my wheels, whatever analogy holds your interest. I have no idea where to even begin or how to approach things. Following a simple direction such as get your supply boxes, is met with kids staying in their seats and staring blankly at me. AHHHHH!!!! After lunch we tried that request again and I PRAISED like heck the two kids who stood up to get them, after a couple more got up and got praised, the rest of the 7 followed suit and I was gushing over them! Whatever it takes! We keep plugging away though, and I do see SOME progress in procedures, etc. so I guess that's a start. It's just hard to even know what to plan right now. Hopefully it will get easier. I pray for them.


Emily said...

Glad to hear the preschool assignment was worked out and the teacher recognized that family dynamics aren't what they used to be!

And, for the record...McGiggle's loved her assignment....and apparently her whole class did. They read it aloud at circle time and they all laughed and she couldn't stop laughing apparently it was a hit! YEAH!

Julie said...

OH MY! You have got your hands full here too!
Rock Star...

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