Thursday, September 06, 2007


I've talked some I think about Girlie's aggressiveness. It's pretty much nul and void at home anymore. Olivia, Braeden, and I watch for it and don't let her "get away with it" so she has mostly stopped, but they see it at day care. There are a lot of kids in the class at that age, with ony 2-3 teachers. It's hard to watch them constantly. I get that. But we've had many instances of biting, some hiting, some scratching. Usually when she wants something someone else has, or thinks someone is invading her space or playthings. She's been bit too, so I know it's not just her, but I'm sure she's the worst. I keep the accident reports and pass them on to the case worker so she knows what's going on.

Well, it had been declining at day care so I thought we were on the road to "recovery." Tuesday she bit a boy's cheek where it even bled a bit and bruised. I feel bad for these parents. I certainly hope they can understand that sometimes even little ones have led horrible lives and have seen attrocities, and that even little ones have learned ways of fight or flight. As I process things with the cw, she tells me more details of her past. Not things a child under 2 should have seen or endured. No wonder she lashes out to "protect" herself, for I think this is what she believes. I only pray for the future. Even if she does stay here, is it enough. Did we "catch" her soon enough? Can love and stability and security make that much of a difference to combat this? I'd like to think so, I'd like to believe the best in everyone can be achieved through love and patience and a decent home, but can it? I hope...


Sara said...

I believe it CAN be enough, but you are right. She will likely always carry around with her some of what she has had to endure, even if she is unable to verbalize it as she grows older and doesn't actually retain the memories. It is heartbreaking. I just love reading about your little family.

By the way, equipment vouchers sound incredibly fun! LOL. :)

Also, are you downright exhausted when you come home at the end of the day? Sounds like your class requires more energy than your four kiddos!


Julie said...

It just breaks my heart- what these kids go through- Girlie can get past this- I think- she is young and God is BIG! and I agree- they should be watching the "biters" more closely- :) They can do what you do at home just as easily. good luck with the director!

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