Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Information to Share

As I am now Olivia's legal mom, there is a part of her which as a foster parent I was unable to share. Since becoming in all ways "legal" Olivia and I have decided to no longer keep this part of her life hidden away. On her adoption day I sent out letters to close friends and family letting them know of this part of Olivia's life. Now I share this with you.

Olivia is HIV positive.

You can read more about Olivia and her "condition" on my other, until now anonymous, blog:

I want to help educate the public. I don't want my daughter or others to have to feel like they need to hide a part of who they are. That they have to be ashamed and secretive. People need to know there is nothing to fear. Yes, HIV can be scary, but it is not the death sentence it used to be. Many with HIV are living close to normal life expectancies. HIV is not something you "catch", it is "hard" to "get." There has never been a situation where someone living with a person with HIV has contracted it themselves. It can only be passed in very specific ways.

There are many good websites with good information out there now.

In addition, Olivia will soon be granted a wish through Make a Wish!!! We are so excited! They should be contacting us soon to meet her and start her wish process.

I hope you will continue to support and follow us through our journey.


Rebecca said...

God bless you so much! It has been on my heart to adopt a child with hiv+. I hope that Olivia has the BEST make a wish!

Julie said...

:) I have chills- you are all a lucky bunch to have each other! Just makes me smile. How does cps consider placements for you- do they have to consider Olivia's hiv when placing other children? or is it not an issue?

Me said...

Julie - I don't think they even take it into consideration. Seeing as I've had two placements since, I don't think it's an issue. They've never said anything about it. :) She is considered specialized, however, which means that she is like two placements. Here in IL we can have up to 6 children total to do foster care. I have four, but since she counts as two I technically have 5 spots filled and could only take one more. After that I could adopt, but no more foster. They COULD make an exception, for example for a sibling of one of mine, but that's it.

Julie said...

That is cool- that at least CPS understands the non- issue of passing it to other children- that is great! :)

Robin said...

Wow I’m not going to lie but I wasn't expecting that. However, as you said it is not shameful and it does not need to be keep a secret. Does she have any idea of what her wish will be?

Emily said...

You are a ROCK. Amazing. So glad she found you..and that you found her. You two will create an awareness and understanding to those who need it.

Best of everything...can't wait to hear about her WISH!

Jody said...

God Bless You! So glad that you and Olivia were brought together and can share your story! Can't wait to hear about her wish!

Medina said...

As a single adoptive parent of special needs children, i feel your joy, your pain and your blessings!
congratulations and may you have many more years of happiness together~c

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