Saturday, June 04, 2011

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Braeden is now Braeden again. :) My heart is happy.

His behavior and aggression continued from my last post and on Wednesday I was called by someone at the day treatment center to let me know that they had met with the doctor (I've NEVER met her!) and that they decided to increase his meds, yet again. I couldn't believe it. She went on to tell me that she had asked the doctor my question as to whether or not I could pull his meds while we were out of state if his behavior continued. The doctor had said that she didn't think it was wise, but that I was the parent. ???

I was told by our school social worker that parents who pull meds can be turned into DCFS for medical neglect. Obviously not optimal as I'm a teacher, a foster parent, AND working on an adoption.

I called the doctor myself. I left a message after getting the third degree about why I was calling as opposed to talking with the hospital staff, and she called within the hour. I was impressed by that. I was also VERY impressed with her as I spoke and explained the situation.

I told her about Braeden. I told her (again) that this is not an aggressive kid we have been working on controlling through medication, but rather an EXTREMELY active kid we were working on calming educationally through medication and have now been left with an aggressive and angry kid in his place. I said that we were going through the very same patterns as his last round of meds and that an increase wasn't going to help. I asked if we could please just stop all meds, take time on our vacation, and then once back I would make an appointment with his new doctor and revisit his needs again. She agreed with ME that that was a reasonable request. We stopped all meds as of Wednesday afternoon. We also decided he would continue in day treatment through Monday so they could watch him and then we would touch base once back from our vacation. (We'll be gone about a month.)

Thursday I picked him up from class at 2pm. Not even 24 hours off of meds and the person who brought him down was amazed. She said he was "so much less aggressive, interacting with his peers, but was very hyper." Um.... HELLO! This is what I've been telling you!

Friday his report stated "No aggression." Just amazing isn't it! (Said sarcastically!)

I haven't seen this happy, giggling, Braeden in quite a while. I also somewhat blocked out just how active he really is! :) But I would MUCH rather work with that than the "other Braeden" we were left with.

Have you ever seen the movie "First Do No Harm"? I hadn't. But I watched it through Netflix last night and was in tears. It was about a boy with Epilepsy, true story, and how the drugs he was prescribed completely changed him. Many of the changes were just what we saw ourselves in Braeden. I wept.

I know we'll still have to "start again" in July. I dread that day. But I also know that a teacher can't realistically teach a child THIS active with 25 others in the room. And I know it's affecting his academics as well. I just wish there was an alternative. (IF I were able to work from home, or was married and could potentially stay at home, I THINK he MAY do well from a homeschool curriculum, unfortunately not something I can truly entertain at this point.)

I have been doing some research of my own and have discovered some natural supplements that are said to help SOME children with focus and activity needs. I want to get a good baseline of his behavior first, and then will try some of these myself. Would be great if that was our answer!


Julie said...

This is GREAT news- it is so hard to know what is working and on what? And he is a growing boy so who knows how that is effecting all that as well. I hope you have a super month! this too shall pass-

L-Tyrosine {you can get it at health food stores or GNC}, an amino acid, greatly helped my son with his attention and hyperactivity issues when he was in grade school. We also cut out artificial dyes and caffeine. Praying for Braeden!

Shea said...

Lisa, we had similar issues with O. Aggression and crying. We switched meds but also do 1000 of fish oil twice a day. Big difference. The teacher emailed me and asked what was up because he did so much better.

Lisa said...

Shea, fish oil is one of the things I'm going to try in a few days. Also Magnesium and B-6... based on this...

Robin said...

Supplements and diet can really work wonders. Just know that it really takes some time and research and trial and error to get the right combination. I am amazed that people will try med after med but will only try one supplement and quit when the results aren't immediate.

annieglan said...

You are still fostering?
What's new on the adoption front?
I'm glad you have Braeden "back"

Lisa said...

I'm still a foster parent.. but no placements right now. I've had my license a long time, and have to to adopt in IL as well, but just haven't had any placements. I wouldn't take one in the middle of the adoption, but could down the road if needed. As for the adoption, just waiting on the "one" being listed and available! :) We're on our way! :)

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