Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Square One

Feels like we're right back to where we began with Braeden's meds.

At "school" he is out of control physically - moving constantly, flipping on furniture, etc - basically how he is WITHOUT meds, but on top of that he has been refusing to do things, not cooperating, etc. At home he's really been ok, as well as fine at the friend's home he is going to afterwards since he gets out at 2 now.

Monday was a very rough day at "school", yesterday was much better (he also had the incentive of eating out Tuesday if his day was better). Today was HORRIBLE I guess, just increasing in intensity and aggression.

And it carried over to tonight. He asked a simple question... can we stop home and get my two quarters to spend at a gum machine today... and mom had a simple answer... no. No, not when your day was so out of control at school, sorry, but if tomorrow is better I'll consider it. That's all it took to get him MAD. Not a typical tantrum mad. But ANGER.

He went in the house where things continued until he was packing things to leave. I refused to let him leave and had to physically carry him upstairs and restrain him until he was at least somewhat in control. He says horrible things during these times and I haven't seen this with me since fall when we started this whole process. He was left in his room to calm down and came down later much more in control. After dinner he actually apologized and hugged me.

I KNOW much of this is NOT in his control. I do BELIEVE he doesn't WANT to be so angry and act the way he does. But I'm human, and it hurts. A lot.

I'll keep many details to ourselves as a family, but know I share what I do share to help others understand that they aren't the only ones who may be in similar circumstances.

And to elicit more specific prayers. For my child's heart. For his doctors.

They met this morning and are INCREASING the ADHD meds, but NOT increasing his "mood" meds. I'm worried. I'm VERY worried. I just don't see how that is going to do anything but make everything worse. Not from what I've seen this year. I wish they would try a non-stimulant. Maybe that's NOT the answer, but how can it be worse???

Please PRAY for us.


Megan said...

Praying Lisa :( Sorry things are so crummy right now. Hoping the docs can help him get regulated.

Joyce said...

HI Lisa
I havent been following your blog very well so I dont know the whole background, but I wonder if you have looked at strategies for sensory processing. My dear son, who i was blessed to recieve thru adoption has shown many signs of sensory processing dysfunction, a condition that affects probably 1 in 20 kids and esp boys. I pulled him out of school in Preprimary and homeschooled him for the rest of the year. Since being diagnosed and treated with OT,as well as a home schedule, he is now in school and doing very well. I am amazed at the difference.
As I said I dont know your little ones at all, but I too was suggested to get him diagnosed ADHD which I fought as he didnt fit, and I am so grateful that he has something that although I cant fix, I know how to help him and we are seeing results now.
The reason I am telling you about SPD is that some examples you give, my bunny does too (and I realize you arent able to share everything) - but his responce to the answer 'no' is typically my laddie, esp when is overly stimulated and cant cope with anything.
Im going to stop rambling, and if you dont post this comment, Im not bothered. I just wanted to share, as our life became way easier after diagnosis.
Wishing you and your little people all the best

praying for you all!

Becky said...

Lisa, you have my prayers. You are such a great Mom. God bless you all.

Sandi said...

Praying for your family. It is so much to go through! You are a true warrior for the Lord. Hang in there, your little one is so worth it!

Praying for your family! xo

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